Irzan Raditya | Founder
Yesboss | Indonesia

Irzan Raditya, Founder, Yesboss

Enhanced with a strong technical background and his set of diverse skills in entrepreneurship, Irzan Raditya is a man of concept and cutting-edge ideas. Upon his graduation from University of Applied Sciences for Engineering and Economics in Berlin (HTW Berlin) in 2012, Irzan had worked with some notable startup players in Europe startup scene, such as Rocket Internet's Zalando and Irzan believes in “a tap for a help”, meaning that technology exists to ease people with daily life, therefore everything he does with apps must be valuable to the people who use them. Align with “a tap for a help” concept, he launched YesBoss, the first virtual personal assistant service in Indonesia, in June 2015 and has successfully raised seed funding from 500 Startups, IMJ Investment Partners, and Convergence Ventures.

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