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Fonto Integrated Authoring Platform (IAP) seamlessly combines the power of structured and componentized content with user-friendly, data-driven authoring, using AI tools in the best possible ways. Developed in collaboration with leading pharma companies, Fonto IAP is the culmination of expertise from the renowned Tridion Docs component content management system and Fonto Editor, extended with the other powerful Fonto products. Fonto IAP is your all-in-one solution for efficient, integrated, and cutting-edge content creation.

End-to-end integrated solution
Fonto IAP offers a complete end-to-end solution, eliminating the need for tedious custom development. Instead, the platform is primed for effortless configuration, ensuring you’re up and running in no time.

At the heart of Fonto IAP lies our robust APIs, designed for longevity and adaptability. These APIs not only promise a future-proof system but also guarantee seamless two-way integration with established systems like Veeva Vault and Documentum.

  • Accurate
    Fonto IAP seamlessly integrates with external data sources, automating the creation of working documents.
  • Fast
    Fonto IAP’s smart templates manage data variances, automating content inclusion based on business rules.
  • Compliant
    Write once, reuse everywhere. Fonto IAP ensures no discrepancies in data across documents.


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