Philippe Pinton | Senior Vice President, Global Head, Clinical And Translational Sciences
Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Philippe Pinton, Senior Vice President, Global Head, Clinical And Translational Sciences, Ferring Pharmaceuticals

Dr. Philippe Pinton is Senior Vice-President, Global Head of Clinical And Translational Sciences (CATS) at Ferring Pharmaceuticals. The CATS structure is a global integrated matrix from Discovery and Research to late-stage Clinical Development that focuses on severe unmet medical needs to deliver and sustain a portfolio of innovative medicines to help people live better lives. Dr. Philippe Pinton has over 25 years’ experience in the Pharmaceutical Industry across Research & Development and Medical Affairs, in Asia, Europe and the USA, in major pharmaceutical companies, notably Eli Lilly & Company, Novartis and Takeda. He received his MD., MSc., and PhD., degrees from the Universities of Lille and Paris, and his executive MBA from the HEC business school (France). Prior to joining the Pharmaceutical Industry, he was a resuscitation ward hospital practitioner. He is currently based in Denmark and his most recent works explored auto-immune or inflammatory gastroenterology diseases, reproductive medicine and infertility, as well as urology and oncology, articulating standard research & development and artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital twins, developing computational models integrating multiple omics and performing in silico clinical studies to better understand patients’ treatment response and related comorbidome.


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