Transmineo is driven by the urgency to help solve the geographical inequality of access to orphan medicines in Europe. We use modern digital and information technologies to set up a smart - fit for the future environment service-model for commercializing orphan medicines. 
At the core of the service model is Transmineo’s Portal & Data Capturing System, designed with input from rare disease experts and patients. 
Our uniquely tailored platform enables:
1.     Collection of standardized real world clinical evidence & patient reported outcomes datasets to improve health technology assessments & reimbursement decisions. 
2.     Improved data logistics and data communication driving efficient demand & supply chain and enhanced customer facing / client service operations.
3.     Matching of rare disease patients with treatment facilities and improved clinical decision-making, supporting appropriate use facilitated by outcomes data feedback-loop.
The increasingly complex and unpredictable payer world requires efficient, smart & innovative operating models: 
Transmineo helps demonstrate value while addressing payer concerns. By assisting with scientific advice and actual data capturing we support 3 pivotal processes that underlie the route to fast, equitable and sustainable access to orphan medicines for patients in Europe – regardless of their geography, now and in the future.


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