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Curadigm Datalytics provides expert data curation and content management services to pharma, biotech, hospitals, health-tech’s, academic universities, to support life science research, healthcare data management and biomedical innovation. We offer both customized expert data curation services, as well as productized curation support for commercial and public databases.

We are highly specialized in capturing information pertaining to genomics, biomarkers, assays, pathways, drug labels, clinical and preclinical data, pharmacogenomics, phenotypes, and other types of data from scientific literature, clinical trials, regulatory documents, public and proprietary data sources. Our domain encompasses a wide variety of life sciences and healthcare data, covering diverse therapeutic areas such as oncology, neurology, metabolic diseases, immunodeficiency diseases, pain, rare diseases, and so on. Our curators have expertise in handling information at every level of complexity.

We have strong expertise in supporting health care companies on the management of EMR data and mapping of clinical terminologies such as LOINC, ICD, SNOMED, RxNorm etc., to optimize the process. Oncology and cancer care has become an important segment of our services with respect to synoptic reporting of pathology reports, building knowledge base on actionable mutations to support therapeutic recommendations based on standard guidelines., We help generating high quality training data for the AI/Machine Learning Models. 

Curadigm's curation workflows and templates combine manual methods with highly streamlined QC processes. Our team is capable of receiving training on the client's curation guidelines and SOPs, and adapt to the protocol and process within a reasonable time frame. By adhering to a strict curation process, clients can ensure accuracy and productivity across all projects.

Curadigm's value proposition is to provide high-quality curated data at a reasonable price with a quick turnaround time through flexible, reasonable, and adaptable pricing models.




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