Nashville Biosciences

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Nashville Biosciences (NashBio), based in Nashville, Tennessee is an early stage, big data and advanced analytics company harnessing a massive genetic database linked to de-identified electronic medical records (EMRs) with years of longitudinal clinical data.

This unique asset from Vanderbilt University Medical Center is called BioVU® and is one of the largest and highest quality of its kind, providing unprecedented opportunities to guide R&D activity in biopharma, diagnostics, medical devices and other life sciences applications.

Leveraging Vanderbilt University InnovationTM, we have developed a robust set of offerings that reduce costs, speed up activity and improve success all along the R&D pipeline, including:

• Drug target characterization – Use of pheWASTM to uncover novel disease / target associations to identify new indications or better understand safety profiles
• In silico cohorts – Create custom subject populations for synthetic placebo control arm studies, natural history studies, clinical trial optimization and cost-effectiveness comparisons
• New data generation – Sequence and study BioVU® DNA or plasma to identify new disease or pharmacogenomic variants or proteomic signatures
NashBio currently has multiple strategic relationships applying these offerings. We are seeking additional partners who would benefit from them or who are interested in other uses of our unique datasets and tools.



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