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Envisagenics combines high-throughput RNA sequencing with machine learning (ML) technologies to identify splicing-based biomarkers and splicing-correcting therapies. Envisagenics’ innovative SpliceCore® software platform analyzes up to 1,000 RNA-seq datasets per hour to identify therapeutic assets such as splicing-derived neoantigens, immune-oncology (IO) epitopes, and prognostic splicing errors. The company focuses on RNA-splicing because splicing errors are the cause of at least 370 diseases, and it has also been shown to mediate differential drug response. Our ML technology can illuminate the difference in splicing between responders and non-responders and can suggest splicing-modulatory drugs to increase drug reactivity. The SpliceCore algorithmic engine utilizes proprietary software developed and experimentally-validated in Dr. Adrian Krainer’s laboratory at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory where Dr. Krainer invented Spinraza, the first FDA-approved splicing modulatory therapeutic for Spinal Muscular Atrophy. Envisagenics employs similar technology to accelerate the R&D of nucleic acid therapeutics. Envisagenics is led by co-founders Maria Luisa Pineda, CEO, and Martin Akerman, CTO. The company has raised over $3M in seed funding and has received $1.85M in grant funding from the National Institutes of Health SBIR program. It has recently won 2 global AI competitions, held by Microsoft and Johnson & Johnson. Envisagenics is a JLABS @ NYC resident.



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