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Through a thrilling mobile auction, SeatBoost generates demand for seat upgrades when customers are most likely to buy, leading to new revenue and customer joy. For revenue management, SeatBoost provides a backstop of guaranteed spend and unlocks new insights for forecasting models to maximize revenue overall.
SeatBoost provides a ~1% boost* - without dilution and can easily add more than $10,000 in unconstrained ancillary revenue per long-haul flight.
(*to RASK - Revenue per Available Seat Kilometer)
Unique and Innovative

  • Mobile user experience – Captures and maintains customer attention through a live auction while they are on the go
  • Auction until boarding - generates new customer willingness-to-pay in travel mode and maximizes revenue opportunity
  • Integration with the airline DCS to identify available seats, upgrade customers, and issue mobile boarding passes – Reduces the inefficiencies and overheads associated with manual upgrades
  • Fully automated – delivers an outstanding experience for customers and airport operations
  • BoostControl administration and reporting platform – enables self-service for airlines
  • Airline-control – Airlines have full control over pricing and availability
Added-Value for All
  • Airline Customers - Brings gamification and joy to air travel
  • Ancillary Management - Maximizes ancillary revenue without dilution
  • Revenue Management - Unlocks real-time travel mode demand and data
  • Airport Operations - Reduces the burden of selling and managing upgrades

About SeatBoot
In 2019, SeatBoost set off on a trajectory to become a game-changer for airline commerce and customer experience. Driven by CEO Kevin Stamler's vision of providing fliers with joyful air travel while unlocking new revenue for airlines, SeatBoost began monetizing empty premium seats by auctioning upgrades. SeatBoost's potential to deliver value to both customers and the airline business was soon realized when SeatBoost secured a partnership with Portugal's flag carrier, TAP Portugal, that year.
In 2022, SeatBoost continued its ascent, securing two key deals: firstly, expanding into the South American market after signing Colombia’s largest airline, Avianca, and later that year, entering an agreement with Lufthansa Group. Most recently, in early 2023, German leisure carrier Condor joined SeatBoost’s airline customer portfolio. More customer wins are expected to be announced in H2 2023.
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