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iCoupon is a market-leading intelligent vouchering company with a global presence, specialising in the provision of digital vouchering services within the aviation industry and beyond. Collaborating with an extensive network of 150+ airlines, spanning across 250+ airports and 2,500+ retail establishments, their aim is to share value and place it where it counts. iCoupon leverages its unique technology to facilitate the seamless distribution of intelligent vouchers by airlines, airports, ground handlers and retailers directly to passenger boarding passes, enhancing the value-sharing experience.

iCoupon's automated solution marks a transformative shift; ultimately rendering physical vouchering in airports obsolete. It empowers the issuance of vouchers of varying values directly onto the boarding pass whether they reside on mobile devices or printed versions. These vouchers serve multiple purposes, from compensation and promotions to loyalty and rewards, even extending to meal entitlements for staff and crew. iCoupon has established itself as the industry standard for intelligent vouchering at airports, offering travellers a hassle-free, contactless, and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional vouchering methods.

Founded in 2015 in Manchester, United Kingdom, iCoupon operates in collaboration with partners across the globe, streamlining the airport vouchering process. To date, iCoupon has proudly issued over 1 billion vouchers for leading airlines, airports, partners, and retailers. Notable clients include the likes of the Lufthansa Group, SAS, Wizz Air, Menzies Aviation, Ryanair, Aer Lingus, Norwegian, AirFrance KLM, Swissport, SSP Group, and Lagardère.