2E Systems


Company Profile ? 2e Systems 2e Systems is a highly versatile computer engineering and development company specializing in online booking, ecommerce, mobile, chatbot and communication solutions for the airline industry. The company was founded in February 2000 near Frankfurt, Germany, and has grown to include offices in Croatia, the UK, Australia, Ireland and the USA. We are an international team of over 80 people representing 23 different nationalities. Our airline applications are: eeSkySuite ? Passenger Applications eeSkySuite is a robust internet booking engine (IBE), ecommerce and communication platform that facilitates a seamless digital experience for air travelers. Available as a fully-integrated platform or individual modules, eeSkySuite empowers airlines to build mobile and desktop solutions that support an enhanced passenger journey: from booking, through check-in and pre- and post-flight services. eeCrewConnect® ? Crew Applications eeCrewConnect® is an intelligent notification system and mobile app that is essential for crew operations. By automating interactive schedule-change communications with crew members, eeCrewConnect® lowers airline operational costs by improving day-to-day efficiency and ensuring faster recovery from IROPS. How We Do It Better We are fast and flexible, with a dynamic team of experts that can deliver innovative, cost-effective solutions and ongoing client enhancements. We are integration specialists enabling airlines to adopt the ?Best of Breed? concept through our support of multiple host systems: PSS, GDS, DCS, crew scheduling systems, pricing engines, payment providers and other third party vendors. Airlines benefit from a lower cost of ownership, and quick-to-market bespoke solutions. We offer all professional services: conception, definition, business analysis, project management, application development, quality testing, enhancements and support. We work hand-in-hand as partners with our customers to support their fast-evolving digital strategies to remain competitive. 2e Systems is considered an industry leader in delivering flexible modular software applications for airline clients around the world. For further information on our products please visit 2e-systems.com.