Lukas Kaestner | co-Founder
Sustainable Aero Lab

Lukas Kaestner, co-Founder, Sustainable Aero Lab

Lukas Kaestner is co-founder of the Sustainable Aero Lab, the leading accelerator that globally brings together founders, researchers, experienced industry professionals and investors, to build the future of aviation. In addition, he is the President of the Crystal Cabin Award Association, the world’s most renowned award for aircraft interiors and passenger experience.

Lukas has been an aviation enthusiast since his childhood days and been involved in the industry for a living since 2014, serving as Head of Marketing, PR & Events at the Hamburg Aviation Cluster, as well as the ZAL Center of Applied Aeronautical Research. Before moving to aviation, he was a communications consultant in the fields of renewable energies, publishing, and startups. Lukas is a graduate of the Ludwig-Maximilian-University of Munich and holds an MBA from the University of Hamburg / Hamburg Media School.


World Aviation Festival Summits @ 14:15

Aviation’s next leap: How start-ups are integral to the race towards zero-emissions and in what way will that change the industry?

World Aviation Festival Summits @ 14:30

Panel: The new normal and how is it impacting priority as corporations evaluate new technologies?

World Aviation Festival Day 1 @ 16:15

Innovation Panel: Aviation tech innovation going into 2023 – time for a new mindset?

last published: 20/May/22 11:56 GMT

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