Dirk Jungnickel | Senior Vice President Enterprise Analytics
Emirates Airline

Dirk Jungnickel, Senior Vice President Enterprise Analytics, Emirates Airline

Dr Dirk Jungnickel heads up the Enterprise Data & Analytics function of Emirates Group, which delivers BI, Data Science and AI capabilities across the various business units of the group. Following an academic career in theoretical physics, with more than seven years of postdoctoral research, Dr Jungnickel has held senior executive roles at a variety of international organizations in a career spanning more than 22 years. His responsibilities have included BI and Advanced Analytics, Data Management and Governance, IT Architecture and Implementation, large Project Management and Corporate PMO positions, as well as an Associate Partner role with a global management and strategy consulting firm.


World Aviation Festival Day 1 @ 12:25

Scaling AI/ML in the aviation industry to effectively optimise your overall operation and ultimately deliver a better customer experience

World Aviation Festival Day 1 @ 12:55

AI/ML Panel: How rapidly can airlines and airports develop larger AI/ML ecosystems for more intelligent planning and decision making?

last published: 20/May/22 11:56 GMT

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