Bryan Porter | Chief Commercial Officer
OpenJaw Technologies

Bryan Porter, Chief Commercial Officer, OpenJaw Technologies

Bryan is an expert in transformative digital technologies, with over 20 years strategic leadership roles in digital publishing, digital marketing and e-Commerce.
Bryan has successfully delivered airline retailing platforms across multiple PSS’s and shopping solutions, as well as ground ancillary integration with multiple third party carriers, hotels, car rental providers and loyalty partners.


World Aviation Festival - 4th September @ 16:30


Metasearch does not have to be about disintermediation and price comparison. Recent innovations in airline retailing means that airlines can partner with metasearch channels to drive incremental direct bookings using the IATA NDC Standard. As a result, airlines can better engage with the metasearch ecosystem, to enable seamless in-the-moment customer acquisition and conversion.

World Aviation Festival - 5th September @ 15:25

PANEL DISCUSSION: Airline distribution in 2030 – Gravitating towards airlines, intermediaries or tech giants?

  • Will the power eventually shift from existing travel players to global tech giants?
  • Can NDC and One Order standards shake up the industry and achieve mass adoption by 2025?
  • What will be the challenges of implementing One Order and is this something that will affect your distribution strategy in the near future?
  • How will the role of GDSs evolve and will the OTA/Metasearch/GDS apocalypse become a reality?
  • Will the current ecosystem adapt to include new technologies and user behaviours such as voice search, virtual assistants and instant messaging services?
  • What is the potential for blockchain technology to disrupt airline distribution?
last published: 21/Aug/19 14:25 GMT

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