Alan Talbot | CEO and Founder
Bridge Solutions Ltd

Alan Talbot, CEO and Founder, Bridge Solutions Ltd

Alan Talbot is the CEO and founder of Bridge Solutions, a people centric tech organisation that helps organisations embrace change, undergo real digital transformation and grow. Focusing on people, by leveraging technology as an enabler to address business challenges, Bridge Solutions offers a comprehensive portfolio of services that are suited to different scale customers across a number of industries. It creates the opportunity for sellers and buyers to find the right fit and engage on long and successful relationships.

Alan is a 24+ year IT veteran having worked in various industries, amongst which financial services, consultancy and advisory, public service and aviation. His experience, spanning across multiple industry organisations, has enabled him to apply innovative approaches to solving complex business challenges requiring digital solutions. He is constantly applying innovative ways to solve problems, to add value and to keep the human capital at the centre of it all. He is a true believer that any organisations’ foundational asset is its people, and his leadership style elevates the way in which everything revolves around people and their interaction in and out of their ecosystems. He is a great advocate for the way in which airlines should redefine their technology platforms and solutions, creating a connected landscape that enables an agile value driven, tech enabled catalyst which is information and customer centric.

Alan has worked for some reputable names in the past, most recently holding the post of VP – Delivery and Innovation with Etihad Airways. He was also featured on a number of prominent digital publications globally and recognised as one of the top global CIOs to be looked out for in 2019.
He is an avid aviation follower, loves cooking and reading, and enjoys spending his free time with his family and two dogs.”


World Aviation Festival Day 1 @ 12:55

Panel: What is the scope of challenge faced by aviation as we rapidly retrain models to save costs and drive operational efficiencies?

  • Where are the key areas we need to focus on to obtain the most value from new AI/ML models and can we do it successfully at scale?
  • How can we make predictive maintenance a key part of our operational excellence strategies and will airlines and other stakeholders collaborate with each other on this front?
  • Does the pandemic offer us an opportunity to completely turn AI on its head and use it in a fundamentally different way to what we have done in the past?
  • Sustainability is a huge focus for everybody in the industry but how can AI/Data applications help us reach industry targets?

World Aviation Festival Day 1 @ 15:10

Data Science Panel: How can airlines find new data sources to create a more complete single view of operations and support real time and agile decision making?

  • Has the pandemic enforced a more data driven way of reacting and what new data sources can we farm to help predict the future during times of uncertainty?
  • What are the challenges of scaling data and getting through the noise to gain actionable insights?
  • How have you used the pandemic to refine your data strategies and push this out across the business on both the operational and commercial sides?
  • In what way can data science help when it comes to disruption management and irregular operations, especially when real time and predictive intelligence technologies are getting smarter?

World Aviation Festival Day 2 @ 12:00

Panel: How data analytics, effective workforce management and machine learning can unlock new value and help us deliver operational excellence?

  • What lessons have we learnt throughout the pandemic that has enabled a better a use of data and insights to help unlock new types of value?
  • How is the use of cloud evolving in the aviation industry to overcome traditional day-to-day operational issues and what new applications can we expect in the near future?
  • How predictive can we get to help our employees handle irregular operations?
  • What are airlines and airports doing to use data and AI to improve their sustainability efforts?
  • What will be key in 2022 to driving efficiencies and reducing costs?

World Aviation Festival Day 2 @ 15:00

Panel: Automation, predictive models and innovation for operational resilience

  • What are the challenges of achieving a single view of operations to support more agile decision making?
  • How have the advancements in cloud helped us work in a more real time environment and what are the next big wins?
  • Understanding more about the power of new data sources and predictive analytics
  • How has the pandemic driven the industry towards automation and is it revolutionising airside operations?
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