RateGain One of the world’s largest processors of hotel bookings, pricing intelligence, and customer travel-intent, and provides SaaS solutions for travel and hospitality, helping them accelerate revenue generation through acquisition, retention, and wallet share expansion.

AirGain, a RateGain product, is the leading provider of competitive intelligence data that helps airline revenue teams maximize revenue by making better pricing decisions. Monitoring over 200+ airline websites across 700+ channels, and gathering data from all the leading GDS and META, AirGain provides accurate and real-time actionable insights to help optimize airfare rates across channels. AirGain's expertise and cutting-edge technology give more control and flexibility to airlines to improve their revenue returns every day.

Products Being Offered by RateGain:

Get the intelligence you need to make faster decisions with Rate Intelligence products by AirGain. AirGain offers solutions like Rate Intelligence and Rate Parity for Airlines like Riyadh Air.

Rate Intelligence for Airlines: Our Pricing intelligence solutions enables revenue management teams to monitor changing market positions with accurate and real-time airfare insights. Our Agile intelligence combined with robust analytical capabilities empowers full service and low cost carriers to optimize their revenue strategies. We help deliver the right price at a right time to our customers. Our innovative solutions, backed by cutting edge AI / ML technology helps fulfil the unique needs of airlines with competitive price benchmarking. We empower apple to apple comparison of competitors’ prices, and comprehensive historical analysis. Pricing and Revenue teams can maintain market competitiveness and maximize each revenue opportunity.

Rate Parity for Airlines: Track revenue losses on your most profitable routes and make sure your Brand.com is No.1 across all channels. RateGain can track rates across multiple websites easily and is the biggest processor of travel pricing data in the world. It not only tracks billions of data points it is one of the largest travel pricing data trackers. The capabilities extend to the partnerships with all leading OTA’s and META’s in the world. Therefore we assure airlines to keep a close track on prices across channels easily and save dollars.

AirGain Advantage

1. Real-Time Data: AirGain provides real-time market data through a live feed and introduces the innovative concept of reverse data shopping for client analysis of current trends.

2. Data Accuracy: AirGain prioritizes data integrity and accuracy through advanced algorithms, offering users actionable insights and higher ROI.

3 Data Sufficiency: Using advanced scraping technology, AirGain efficiently aggregates data from platforms like brand websites, mobile apps, OTAs, and GDSs. Our unique ability to auto-switch to alternate websites sets us apart, catering to diverse client needs.

4. Flexibility: AirGain offers flexible subscription models that allow clients to modify data or subscription criteria even after contract finalization, enabling adaptability to evolving needs.

5. Customization: AirGain offers highly customizable services designed to meet the unique needs of each client, from adaptable user interfaces to tailored reports.

6. A Dedicated Account Manager: AirGain will assign a dedicated senior team for Riyadh Airways. At the time of setup, the team will comprise of implementation manager, engineering manager, customer success manager, and delivery manage and a product manager. The senior RateGain management will oversee the implementation and running of the project.