Wingle targets a moment of consumption which is currently underserved and one of the few ones in our lives where we are not exposed to constant external stimulus, notifications, etc... The moment of flying. Wingle is born with the ultimate goal of bringing back the thrill and adventure of flying.

Put simply, Wingle allows people who are flying on the same airplane to meet, connect and chat. It all works offline, without the need for internet. It opens the door to real, meaningful interactions with people going to the same place as you, with similar interests and a similar state of mind (whether for dates, friends, or networking). With this core offering being free, Wingle is monetized from day one through the sale of an ecosystem of ancillary products and services that complement the travel experience. There is also a B2B monetization angle with airlines.

With the technological platform, app, brand identity and initial partnerships developed, we are officially launching Wingle this summer 2024 for European flights.