Emu Analytics


Emu Analytics is a young UK-based data analytics software company that has developed innovative real-time Digital Twin technology, designed to analyse data relating to the movement and position of "things", measuring and monitoring operational efficiencies, sustainability impacts and safety risks, amongst other things. These moving "things" in the aviation sector might be aircraft (whilst taxiing on the airfield or in the skies), airside ground vehicles, other tracked assets (ULDs, dollies etc) and more. In 2018 the company was a successful finalist in IAG's Hangar51 innovation programme, and in 2022 was also in the "Future of Air Mobility" accelerator cohort run by the Connected Places Catapult. To-date the company has worked with IAG Cargo, British Airway, Heathrow Airport, Glasgow Airport and the UK's Civil Aviation Authority, often working with our data partner, Planefinder, to perform detailed analysis over their rich (ADS-B) aircraft position data source, which will be on display on our stand in the start-up zone