EDIfly - Innovative Software SARL


EDIfly is the signature tool of Innovative Software SARL for integrated messaging in Aviation & Logistics independent from legacy networks (SITA, ARINC, etc.) since 2010. It’s unique transmission technology allows airlines, ground handlers, passenger service systems, cargo systems, travel-portals, road-feeder-services, authorities, etc. to securely exchange messages internally and with global partners over the public internet. EDIfly users achieve banking-like data security without any direct links (MQ Series, FTP, VPN, etc.) Versatile rule-based message handling. Supports IATA and ICAO standards. Flat fee, no transaction-based charges.

Supports Type B, Type X, XML, EDIFACT, AS4, API. Seamless integration: No changes to existing applications or addresses. Free & unconditional trial. Saves up to 75% of your total messaging cost: sales@edifly.com