3D SeatMapVR.


3D SeatMapVR (Crystal Cabin Award 2018 Winner) is a new immersive 3D 360º visualization engine that provides the users with very useful visual information about the seat selected during the booking process   Developed by Renacen (technology company focused on disruptive user interfaces and user experience), and already procured by Emirates airline, this software helps the airlines selling more special seats, premium seats and upgrades, because now the passenger can really see the differences between one seat and another, during the booking, or in pre-booking and post-booking environments. It reduces passengers' complaints, as now the reality matches with their expectations in a whole new way.    Compatible with PC, mobile, and also VR glasses like Google Cardboard, this web techonology allows the airlines to get to almost all of their customers, compared to other VR solutions based on heavy apps (that less than 1% of the customers usually download).    Come to booth 98 if you want to know the future of airlines seat maps visualization!