The conference of the World Aviation Festival features speakers from the most forward-thinking airlines and airports. Previous keynote speakers include Sir Tim Clark (Emirates), Johan Lundgren (easyJet), Paul Griffiths (Dubai Airports), Willie Walsh (IAG) and Linda Jojo (United Airlines).


With ten streams, the agenda covers everything from revenue management, to Artificial Intelligence. The programme will explore how digital technologies are changing every aspect of the aviation business model.


Airports are turning to new technologies to elevate the passenger experience and we aim to showcase some of the latest innovations that are creating a more seamless on the ground experience for passengers. At Airport T.EX is where the future of pre-travel, check-in, baggage, security, wayfinding, lounge, gate technology and experience will be decided. See agenda

AI and data driven technology are already driving massive change and advantage in aviation, but there is so much more to come. And it is just around the corner. This is why we have created AIVIATION and we aim to be the world’s most important and largest event. Where the future is made: from revolutions in Air Traffic Control to the reality of un-manned commercial aircraft. See agenda

In-flight entertainment and connectivity is undergoing a huge transformation in the aviation industry. IFEC will explore a market that is one of the air transport industries most dynamic sectors. The event will fully examine the next generation of IFEC technologies that are driving us closer that fully connected on board passenger experience. See agenda

The World Low Cost Airlines Congress is still a large part of the festival, drawing in low cost carriers from around the world year on year. Sessions will discuss business models, pricing strategies, revenue streams and more. See agenda

AirXperience is all about how airlines can improve the passenger experience at every touch point. Themes include passenger engagement, self-service, personalised passenger experiences, mobile technology, passenger communications and so much more. See agenda

The Aviation IT Show is for airline and airport CIOs, Heads of IT, Heads of Operations and is about how we as an industry can create an ICT infrastructure that can meet the needs of today’s travellers. See agenda

The Air Retail Show covers retail strategy, merchandising, ancillaries and innovation. See agenda

What is the next generation of airline loyalty programs? This is what global loyalty leaders will explore at Aviation Loyalty, as many airlines struggle to design a loyalty program that delights the modern-day traveller. We will examine different areas of loyalty to understand how the industry can keep up with rapidly changing passenger demands. See agenda

The summit will be a full-day executive level aviation summit that brings together key decision makers across major network airlines, airports and low-cost carriers in China.  See agenda

We are driving the aviation and travel industry forward by working with global accelerators and incubators who are enabling the next generation of solutions and services.  See agenda

Aviation Marketing

Airlines are now communicating with their passengers through multiple digital channels, and social media is more critical than ever. To really compete in today’s industry, digital innovation must touch every aspect of the airline business. Aviation Marketing brings together Heads of Digital and Heads of Social Media to explore how airlines can exploit digital channels to differentiate their services and compete more effectively. See agenda