Work 2.0 Conference Day 2



Keynote: Performance Management: reimagined, redesigned and re-evaluated

  •     Exploring the evolution of performance management as it shifts with the modern-day world of work
  •     Identifying appropriate strategies and alignment to individual business needs
  •     Considering new ways to monitor success rather than purely quantitative statistics 
  •     Responding to the challenges of adapting to the ‘career of learning’ expectations and structures of 2017 workforceso    The network of teams, team centricity and collective aimso    Desire for regular feedbacko    Widespread want of continuous learning and personal development opportunities o    Considering global and regional workforces 
  •     Using HR technologies, data and tools to support effective performance management systems

Keynote: Humans and machines: the ultimate 21st century collaboration

  •     Studying the relationship between humans and robots in the workplace
  •     Who and what will the workforce be composed of come 2030? 
  •     Who will be responsible for the transformation?
  •     Discovering what workplace skills will still be relevant in 2030
Salima Nathoo

Keynote: A connected world: the future of learning and development in the workplace

  •     Keeping up with the learning requirements of the 2017 workforce
  •     Remaining agile and adjusting to technology disruptions 
  •     Evaluating current groundbreaking trends: artificial intelligence, virtual reality and immersive and experiential learning environments 
  •     Exploring what will come next for learning at work: wide reaching global programmes, leadership development and succession managementReserved for platinum sponsor 

Keynote: Active HR on a budget: looking to the digital world

  •     Establishing effective and innovative learning, wellness and digital strategies with a low budget
  •     Overcoming budget cuts with free and low cost digital platforms: considering social media 
  •     The silver lining to constructing HR and training processes in-house
  •     Monitoring participation and contribution of localised and globalised workforcesReserved for platinum sponsors

Networking break


Morning tea

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Organisational redesign in the GCC

  •     Deciphering what organisational redesign truly is
  •     Highlighting the difference between OD and OD
  •     Examining the external and internal triggers 
  •     Exploring design models and framework: a case study

Panel: Remaining attractive as the war on talent prevails

  • Examining the evolving employer/employee contract
  • Attracting top global talent – looking the companies who are getting it right
  • Finding future employees via digital methods
Mohamed Salem, Department Manager, Human Capital Development, NAHDI Medical Company (NMC)

Panel: HR is becoming ‘people science’

  • Equipping companies for the exploitation of people science – employing a data scientist
  • Capturing data for smarter decisions and shorter project cycles 
  • Evaluating data to achieve business results
  • Aligning people strategy with business needs 

Company alignment and bottom line profits

  • Creating and managing a company culture in line with business goals
  • Making culture a priority for senior leaders   
  • Establishing core employee competencies designed to embrace and promote company culture
  • Integrating collaboration, empowerment and driving cultural change

Identifying and developing exceptional leaders

  • Using data evidence to identify potential leaders 
  • Developing an inclusive and wide-ranging leadership system
  • Considering culture and investment as priorities 
  • Nurturing the strengths, enthusiasm and potential of millennial leaders

Data driven HR – shifting to the digital mind set

  • Revolutionising HR processes and systems by using digital platforms
  • Utilising big data in HR and talent assessment 
  • Using predicative analytics to make informed business decisions and construct a contemporary hiring strategy 
  • Retaining the human factor 
  • Securing sensitive data

Providing customised perks and benefits for the 2017 workforce and beyond

  • Applying emotional intelligence to create a company culture that attracts and retains talent
  • Offering compensation for all age groups, genders and ethnicities
  • Harnessing desirable employee benefits: unlimited holiday, flexible working hours, education, health insurance, exercise classes and healthy snacks

Refocussing leadership: transactional to transformational

  • Examining key leadership capabilities: collaboration, recognising the need for new skills and solutions, motivation, distinguishing succession qualities
  • Understanding the drawbacks: large investment, availability of leadership positions, retention
  • Evaluating the coach vs supervisor management models

What should HR track?

  • Using real time feedback to manage hiring strategies
  • Monitoring employee satisfaction via engagement surveys, exit and stay interviews  
  • Leveraging external data from social networking platforms
  • Exploiting behavioural analytics and economics to simplify and improve the working experience

Building brand advocacy

  • Leveraging the communicative power of employees in social, mobile and transparent surroundings
  • Making a workforce excited by their employer
  • Finding key brand ambassadors 
Reserved for sponsor

Cracking leadership: behaviours to activate in employees

  • Looking for the correct skills set: problem-solving, results driven, team-player, developing others 
  • Finding the right leadership qualities for individual businesses
  • Implementing succession management
Reserved for sponsor

Reformed and remodelled HR – enhancing the employee experience

  • Creating a platform of HR services to increase usability
  • Integrating mobile and cloud technology to create app-based services merged into the daily life of employees 
  • Methodology for optimum employee engagement 
Reserved for sponsor


• Using diversity and inclusion to foster innovation and creativity

• Benefits and rewards: what will attract and entice the next generation of workers

• Cultural considerations: creating companies that attract top talent

• Identifying and retaining internal leadership talent’

• The technologies and programmes transforming learning at work

Valeriya Krupenya, Training Manager, The H hotel

• Futuristic L&D: a closer look at learning technology

• Adapting to technological disruption: what skills do workers need?

• Getting fit for business: the benefits of energised workforces to company bottom lines

• How relevant is 70:20:10 to 21st century workforces?


Networking lunch






Panel: All engaged employees are happy, but not all happy employees are engaged

  • Reviewing the ten essential pillars of employee engagement and how to implement them 
  • How and why emotional connection affects productivity and performance
  • Sustaining engagement processes organisation wide
Azmy Mohamed, Strategic Account Manager, Steelcase

Panel: The reimagined learning department

  • Ensuring increased learner engagement through mobilised learning opportunities and creative, innovative content
  • Remaining competitive as well as producing a stronger workforce
  • Promoting a culture of learning
  • Exploring integrated, practical and long term learning ideas 
  • Supporting your human capital needs

Case study: Learning from a ‘best in class’ wellness initiative

  •     Fostering creativity and entrepreneurial thinking
  •     Stimulating the body and mind 
  •     Reviewing the outperforming concepts ensuring maximum engagement, interaction: yoga, exercise classes, gym equipment in the workplace

Exploring the factors that encourage worker loyalty and longevity within an organisation

  • Attracting and retaining talent – what employees look for in employers
  • Leveraging emphasis on overall employee experiences 
  • Understanding what drives and motivates workforces
Chris Lipscomb, Regional Head of HR, Al Tamimi and Co

Harnessing the power of eLearning

  • Is self-directed learning the way forward for corporate learning? 
  • Integrating digital, innovative methodologies to learning initiatives
  • Addressing the key challenges of eLearning: reliability, data security and user-friendliness 

Incentivising wellness@work for healthy engagement

  • Driving healthy behaviours and habits with rewards for involvement
  • Provoking healthy competition among colleagues to inspire employee interaction with programmes
  • Rewarding your workforce – what works?
  • Tracking data to measure participation and evaluate

The ‘always on’ culture – supporting an employee-centric work environment

  • Exploring the demands and expectations of the 2017 workforce
  • Supporting the ‘always on’ culture 
  • Managing work/life integration and nurturing continuous engagement
  • Creating a sense of passion and purpose with a cross-organisational approach

Case study: The continuous learning model

  • Escaping static learning approaches
  • Allowing employees to have access to the learning opportunities they desire when they desire
  • Highlighting the methods for doing so
  • Monitoring engagement, success and ROI

Designing your corporate wellness strategy

  •     Putting forward the business case for wellness programmes and strategies  
  •     Incorporating wearables, gamification, self-monitoring devices and new alternatives for maximum engagement
  •     Short term and long term goals   
  •     Creating a wellness strategy on a budget

Enabling strategy: employee recognition

  • Empowering employees to connect with the purpose of the organisation
  • Generating an organisation-wide recognition programme for maximum engagement 
  • Reflecting the needs of the workforce in tracking and rewards
Reserved for sponsor

Adaptive learning and consumer centric, personalised strategies – putting the employee first

  • Using employee data to create personalised L&D programmes
  • Delivering customised content to show employee value 
  • Providing more time for L&D teams to focus on engagement
  • Writing content to support digital learners to maximise positive results
Reserved for sponsor

Forget reducing company costs - measure ROI with the employee body

  • Rethinking the company benefits of wellness
  • Measuring ROI with engagement, performance and productivity
  • Instead of amount saved on employee insurance and healthcare costs
  • Happy employee = happy customers
Reserved for sponsor





The multigenerational workforce: bridging the impending skills gap

  • Highlighting where the skills gap lies and how to build it up
  • Building skills of different generations to complement other age groups 
  • Securing opportune productivity 
  • Championing similarities within businesses instead of the differences

Social networking and your L&D strategy: maximising engagement

  • Using social media and social networking platforms to engage employees in learning at work
  • Using these methods for global and localised organisations
  • Discussing what could be expected in the future 

Healthy food makes for healthy minds

  • Examining the effect of diet on cognitive performance and productivity 
  • Exploring what companies can do to support and promote these strategies in the workplace 
  • Strategies for offering healthy snacks and promoting ‘clean eating’ in the workplace

Constructing an inclusive community - integrating multicultural and gender diverse workforces

  • Shaping a business approach to widespread diversity
  • Discussing what it means to lead a diverse team
  • Leveraging ways to encourage, promote diversity and inclusion within the workplace

Uniting widespread workforces through L&D

  • Using social learning methods to connect employees located across the globe
  • Getting virtual teams right 
  • Sharing best practice 
  • Looking to the future – how to further exploit these platforms and what is next for social media in work

Fitness first! Running an active exercise plan

  • Proving why physically fit organisations will outperform their competitors
  • Ensuring a smooth assimilation of fitness with company culture
  • Examples of onsite exercise classes, subsidised gym memberships and workspace facilities e.g. standing/treadmill desks

Emiratisation and the national perspective of work and health

  • Evaluating how far governmental initiatives are affecting the workplace in the UAE
  • Determining what attracts the nation’s brightest talent
  • Debating the importance of building a multicultural workforce in the UAE

Learning and communicating in real time

  • Adapting to impatience and meeting the needs of today’s learner… immediately
  • Reviewing the benefits and addressing the drawbacks of real time technology   
  • Capitalising on the capacity and capabilities of communicating and learning instantaneously
  • What is next for real time learning?

Midday meditation: bringing mindfulness to the workplace

  • What is mindfulness?
  • Strategising the incorporation of positive psychology into teams and workplaces
  • Incorporating strategies into each day and incentives for involvement
  • Applying positive psychology to improve engagement
  • Assessing the benefits: improving worker performance, motivation and conflict resolution

Diversifying leadership for the multinational company

  • Developing leadership skills and attributes in employees spread across continents
  • Communicating and reaching out to employees from multicultural backgrounds
  • Adjusting organisational strategies to suit the adoption of diverse and collaborative workforce
Reserved for sponsor

Integrating social, informal learning – the key to success

  • ‘Working out loud’ - sharing best practice and resources
  • Implementing a coaching strategy to L&D curriculum
  • Generating a sharing and social culture among employees
Reserved for sponsor

Looking beyond wellness to well-being

  • Addressing the workplace surroundings and overall workplace experience 
  • Adopting strategic wellbeing experiences connecting employees to their company culture 
Reserved for sponsor 

End of conference day two


Complimentary yoga and meditation class

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