Work 2.0 Conference Day 1


Natalie Saiz

Keynote: Becoming the world’s best company to work for

  •     Fostering a culture of freedom and flexibility in the workplace to prioritise worker happiness and productivity
  •     Understanding the expectations and desires of a reconstructed and diverse workforce   
  •     Supporting flexible working spaces, working hours and organisational stucture
  •     Reacting to the gig economy and working autonomy 
Ross Sparkman

Keynote: Sustaining workforces and human capital: responsibilities and rewards

  •     Identifying the trends driving interest in wellness in the workplace 
  •     Integrating the systems for HR departments to support worker happiness and productivity
  •     Collecting and analysing workforce data
  •     Evaluating the popular shift from Chief Talent Executive to Chief Employee Experience Officer
  •     Discovering the short and long term rewards for organisations
  •     Attracting and retaining talent 
  •     Continuing and furthering employee engagement and ROI

Keynote: The exponential workplace revolution: are you as smart as your building?

  •     Realising the connection between people and the building
  •     Accommodating and supporting technology in a contemporary workplace structure
  •     Considering elements to stimulate innovation, encourage collaboration and increase productivity 
  •     Assessing office layout, décor, facilities and ability to adapt with evolving workforces  
  •     Facilitating personalisation through analytics
  •     Going green – environmentally smart amenities Reserved for platinum sponsor 

Speed networking


Morning tea

11:20 Streams begin: attendees can visit any of the conferences below








Panel: Global workplace innovation – the smart building

  • Creating an experiential working environment designed to support organisational redesign and encourage collaboration 
  • Accommodating new technology
  • Integrating working, recreation and wellness related amenities
  • Catering for startups and freelancers -boutique work places

Panel: Evolution of learning – mastering tomorrow’s learning platforms

  • Understanding how a new generation of workers learn
  • Discovering the breakthrough digital methodologies transforming how learners engage with L&D 
  • Benefits for businesses – aligning the learning functions with business goals to achieve results

Panel: Tailored wellness and corporate benefits

  • Determining how adopting wellness initiatives can boost productivity
  • Considering the new norm of work-life integration  
  • Promoting corporate wellness to fight absenteeism, attract talent and save on healthcare costs

Creating a collaborative working environment

  • Discovering the benefits of collaborative working
  • Sourcing the facilities required for workspaces and methods
  • Encouraging collaborative culture with hot desking, no set office space, open plan spaces 

New v old learning methods – bridging the generational gap

  • Blended learning concepts for employee training
  • Multigenerational considerations
  • Building internal knowledge sharing programmes
  • Highlighting the benefits and drawbacks of emerging methods 

How managing your employee’s health & wellness can be good for your bottom line

  •     Where to start? How do I even identify which health & wellness risks to focus on?
  •     How to use the data to implement your health & wellness strategy?
  •     How does making health & wellness a business priority impact my bottom line?
  •     What works?  A medical insurer perspective on the outcomes of our corporate clients

Searching for innovative locations

  • Deciphering cities to base company hubs
  • Searching for the deepest talent pools, best universities and most active start-up ecosystems
  • Considering emerging markets for growth opportunities
  • Competing for talent
Tony Downes, Group Head Of Human Resources And Admin, Al Ahli Holding Group

Welcoming telepresent, omnipresent robotic teachers

  • Integrating robots and automated intelligence into learning strategies
  • Reviewing returns and risks
  • Exploring the potential for robots in learning, trusting their capabilities and what they will bring to your team
  • How robots can deliver a second level of employer/employee interaction
  • Supplementing the intrinsic value of human communication

Securing an overwhelming buy-in: captivating middle management

  • Promoting a cross-organisational approach to wellness in the work place
  • Embracing corporate responsibility to promoting wellness at work
  • Securing maximum buy-in from the top down 
  • Attracting middle managers: productivity focus, leading by example, offering ownership

The technology and real estate encounter

  • Meeting the demands of the shifting workforce and office systems
  • Fashioning tech-ready buildings for universal connectivity
  • Preparing for the third wave – software set to transform the ease of workplace connectivity and business functions
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Personalised digital initiatives: forming a healthy mix

  • Searching for the optimum L&D programme for your individual needs
  • Building practical initiatives over time to achieve results
  • Integrating apps and interactive programmes 
  • The importance and value of certification 
Reserved for sponsor

Wellness technology – making it simple to stay healthy at work

  • How consumer devices and apps are transforming their attitude towards wellness 
  • Incorporating social and gamified challenges to support workers to meet their health and fitness goals
  • Incentives and tracking
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• Digital impacts on workplace design: integrating technology

• How to engage multigenerational workforces

• Designing unconventional, innovative and hi-tech office spaces

• Creating a digital L&D strategy

• How to deal with global, cultural differences in L&D programmes

• Global companies: engaging your international learners as locals

• How culture supports wellbeing strategies to engage workforces

How feeling good at work drives business performance – the six dimensions of wellbeing in the workplace

• Understanding big data and analytics in HR - where to start


Networking lunch






Blurring the physical and digital world: strategic technology for the future workplace

  • Transforming the working environment to support enhanced automation and increasing computer power 
  • Adapting to autonomy
  • Working anywhere, any time and from any device
  • Intelligent apps – virtual assistants and AI capabilities 

Panel: M-learning – escaping static systems and fighting distraction

  • Leveraging the impact of on-the-go learning
  • Integrating learning content to mobile devices
  • Supporting methods to prevent disengagement including video and animation 
  • What can we expect for the future?
Nadiya Khan, Head of Learning and Development, Lals Group

Augmented and virtual reality: revolutionising recruitment and training

  • Taking VR seriously – exploring the advantages and capabilities
  • Closing the experience gap for job applicants
  • Eliminating distraction in developmental training – more cost effective and engaging methods

The Internet of Things and its infinite possibilities

  • Preparing for the IOT revolution – what to expect
  • Discovering how smart and sophisticated devices will impact businesses and empower workforces
  • Looking at data tracking and analysis in smart offices
  • Examining growth opportunities using IOT
Omar S Al Rasheed, Vice President Talent Management, Mobily

The future of eLearning – augmenting the senses

  • Exploring augmented learning and superimposed content 
  • Enriching reality and the learning experience with additional information 
  • Reviewing case studies, examples and cost effective approaches

Digital employment brand evangelism – standing out from the crowd

  • Remembering business transparency is available for external applicants
  • Ensuring employee value proposition corresponds with what candidates want most
  • Improving the candidate experience
  • Looking good from the outside - incorporating social media and other online strategies

Using the data revolution to surpass competitors

  • Collecting complex data from IOT and enhanced connectivity
  • Transforming company organizational structure through data collection software

Learning assistive wearables: interactivity and connectivity

  • Harnessing the capabilities of smart wearables 
  • Looking to VR applications for real time simulation
  • Instant access to learning resources
  • Allowing for seamless collaborative working
  • What will follow smart watches and smart glasses?    

Onboarding – how to get it right

  • Understanding how structured and innovative onboarding impacts retention
  • Immersing new recruits in company culture, 
  • Setting transparent expectations
  • Offering an innovative, interactive training programme

Converting corporate connectivity

  • Leaving email behind – no longer the internal communication tool of choice 
  • Looking to instant methods such as live chat and collaboration technology
  • Facilitating interpersonal communication leading to problem solving, more rapid collaboration and community development
  • Adapting to globalisation
Reserved for sponsor

Your ultimate learning app: a reality

  • App-based learning - exploring the capabilities 
  • Determining the engagement potential of personalised learning apps
  • Incorporating an app designed for each company’s individual requirements 
Reserved for sponsor

Up in the air: HR in the cloud

  • Adapting an online learning management system to HR practices
  • Instantly delivering easy to use training to workforces around the world 
  • Store information in easy to reach places
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The millennial workforce and the responsibility of the corporate world

  • Understanding their behavioural characteristics
  • What they expect from organisation and meeting the needs
  • Office space transformation, employee reward systems and implementing overall flexibility 
  • Catering towards instant gratification
  • Establishing the importance of regular performance reviews and meeting the needs for instant, regular feedback

Panel: All work and all play - experiencing gamification

  • Exploring how gamification will impact L&D strategies
  • Applying gamification concepts to non-gaming environments
  • Offering an engaging learning experience; instant sense of achievement
  • Creating a rewards structure
  • Filling the learning needs of a company
  • Considering where the benefits lie and impact on the bottom line. 

Panel: The HR upgrade

  • Considering the necessary skills of HR teams for 2017 and beyond
  • Employing digitally and socially savvy workers to the profession 
  • Implementing new and innovative ideas
Susan Barton, Head- HR, Al Najah Education LLC

Managing millennials

  • Fostering talent most effectively 
  • Exploring their innovative and creative approach to working and learning 
  • How to engage this generation
  • Identifying, developing and exposing potential and talent 

Case study: learning at the Viceroy the Palm Jumeirah – outside the classroom

  •     Adopting an experiential, improvised and theatrical approach to learning at work
  •     Considering emotional intelligence and correlations to productivity boosts and forming positive relationships
  •     Adapting to instant gratification necessities of millennials 
  •     Fostering an all-encompassing culture of learning, brand awareness and effective management through learning in 2017

Human or robotics resources?

  • Debating how far advancements for robots and automation will transform HR
  • Complementing not competing with automated colleagues
  • Highlighting the benefits and drawbacks for businesses

The rise of the blended workforce

  • Considering the gig economy
  • Embracing a new kind of diversity to business structures 
  • Discovering why outperforming businesses are benefitting from this model
  • Rewards for businesses - hiring on demand, cutting costs, opportunities to scale workforce up and down depending on business demands

Immersive learning in a virtual classroom

  • Creating an immersive learning framework and strategy for individual business needs
  • Outlining the process for designing learning immersion
  • Controlling the experience of the corporate learner for complete engagement

Integrating disruptive technology

  • Leveraging technology for HR departments 
  • Looking to integrative apps for talent and performance management, people analytics, mobile platforms, real time engagements, natural language processing, AI and automation and the ‘cloud-based switch out’ 
  • Is cost a problem?
Bregje Meuwissen, EMEA HR Director, Travelport

Letting go of ‘how things used to be done’ – recruiting and retaining millennials

  • Adopting an open mind towards recruiting millennials and the 21st century workplace
  • Making way for one of the largest workforce generations – competitive talent
  • Appreciating the tech-savvy traits of millennials 
  • Avoiding information silos
Reserved for sponsor

Learn it LIVE!

  • Utilising live online learning and interactivity
  • Humanising professional development - peer to peer collaboration
  • Using a ‘classroom in the cloud’ model to connect global workforces
  • Digital badging and universal electronic qualifications 
Reserved for sponsor

Personalised software applications assisting HR performance management

  • Using a personalised information storage systems to collate HR data  
  • Discovering the benefit of one data platform – smart automation and engaging the workforce 
  • Impacting social HR strategies for business results
Reserved for sponsor

Networking break



Keynote: An organisational redesign: a network of teams

  •     Examining the principles and benefits of a project based organisation in shifting global markets
  •     Implementing design thinking and the decentralisation of authority
  •     Fostering collaboration and empowerment communication
  •     Maintaining employee engagement and company culture
  •     Outcomes and implications for businesses and employeesReserved for platinum sponsor  
Cedric Betis

Keynote: A wellness fit out

  •     Incorporating wellness into buildings and office spaces 
  •     Considering features such as mood adjusted lighting, monitored humidity consistency, water purification, cardio equipment and relaxation areas
  •     Boosting health, productivity and overall performance 
  •     Reviewing performance results, engagement and involvement

Close of day one


After-hours networking party

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