Seminars : Work 2.0 Day 1

Ronel Camacho
Work 2.0 :3 October 2017

Staying relevant as HR when disruption is the new normal

Ronel Camacho, BU Executive Human Capital Solutions, EOH: Learning and Development
Dieter Veldsman
Work 2.0 :3 October 2017

Future-proofing your organisation: applying the business value model to evaluate the future organisational landscape

Dieter Veldsman, Principal Consulant, inavitiQ learning
Marisa Fantin
Work 2.0 :3 October 2017

Workforce resilience- tools for organisational and personal adaptability

Marisa Fantin, Change Management Consultant, LifeLine Johannesburg
Bradley Smith
Work 2.0 :3 October 2017

Powering the future of work with Citrix: Enabling people and business to work better

Bradley Smith, Field Sales Manager, Citrix
Alan Hosking
Work 2.0 :3 October 2017

Managing Multiple Generations in the workplace

Alan Hosking, Executive Editor, HR Future Magazine D.P.
Work 2.0 :3 October 2017

Q & A session

Yendor Felgate
Work 2.0 :3 October 2017

Talent learning and technology

Yendor Felgate, Chief Executive Officer, Emergence Growth
Sakkie van de Merwe, MD ELA, Emergence Growth
Lathasha Subban
Work 2.0 :3 October 2017

How to plan for future workforce needs

Lathasha Subban, Head: Knowledge and Innovation, SABPP
Berenice Kerr-Phillips
Work 2.0 :3 October 2017

Workforce of the future and leadership in the era of digitisation

Berenice Kerr-Phillips, Human Resource Lead of Africa, Cisco, a member company of the 30% Club Southern Africa
Work 2.0 :3 October 2017

How to get buy-in from staff for HR technology

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Work 2.0 is two events: A world-class conference where hundreds of business leaders from around the world meet; and, a major work, wellbeing and office tech exhibition to which we’re expecting over 1,000 visitors. To visit the exhibition is free. There is, naturally, a registration fee to attend the conference

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