What Is  Connected Britain?

The event bringing together all the stakeholders to create a new, more prosperous, better connected Britain



Conference room at Connected Britain 2016

Connected Britain brings together telcos, alt-nets, local and national government , and all other stakeholders involved in building high-speed connectivity for Europe’s future.
150 speakers will explore the progress in delivering high capacity networks in the UK, how the regulatory landscape is changing and impacting broadband roll-outs, and the investment environment for UK telecoms industry


Roundtable discussion at Connected Britain 2016

We focus on innovative networking opportunities such as topic-specific roundtable discussions, 1-to-1 meetings, an interactive app and a drinks reception.
The networking breaks are the perfect moment to engage with market leading operators and vendors to learn about the latest technologies and strategies. 



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Key Themes on The Agenda

Gigabit Britain

Explore the progress in deployment of FTTx, FTTH, LTE and 5G networks in the UK covering infrastructure build, the road to full-fibre, 5G progress and network architectures, investment models and more

Digital Britain

All the latest and greatest developments in the UK’s digital economy including cloud services, workplace transformation, digital skills, tech hubs and how the UK can truly realise the benefits of the digital revolution


Smart Britain

Take a glimpse at the the UK’s connected future exploring how emerging technologies like 5G, the IoT, SDN and NFV are revolutionising the communications industry, enabling the 4th Industrial Revolution, building smart cities and intelligent transport systems, and more

Connected Society

Explore how enhanced connectivity can deliver socio-economic benefits to the whole of the UK, encompassing digital healthcare and education, digital inclusion and communities, rural access, and broadband for SMEs


2017 Speakers Included

Be Inspired and Learn From Industry Experts


  • Matthew Finnie at Connected Britain 2017
    Matthew Finnie
    Chief Technology Officer
    Matt Hancock at Connected Britain 2017
    Matt Hancock
    Minister of State for Digital and Culture
    U.K. Government
  • Andrew Lawson at Connected Britain 2017
    Andrew Lawson
    Roy Shelton at Connected Britain 2017
    Roy Shelton
    Group Chief Executive Officer
    ITS Technology Group Ltd
  • Dana Tobak at Connected Britain 2017
    Dana Tobak
    Simon Beresford-Wylie at Connected Britain 2017
    Simon Beresford-Wylie
  • Matthew Postgate at Connected Britain 2017
    Matthew Postgate
    Chief Technology & Product Officer
    Clive Selley at Connected Britain 2017
    Clive Selley
  • Andrew Collinge at Connected Britain 2017
    Andrew Collinge
    Smart City Lead, Assistant Director of Intelligence and Analysis
    Greater London Authority
    Daniel Kenyon-Smith at Connected Britain 2017
    Daniel Kenyon-Smith
    UK Sector CTO
  • David Rodman at Connected Britain 2017
    David Rodman
    Executive Director of Policy and Regulation
    Virgin Media

“Very interesting event, with a wide range of attendees” 


“The event was incredibly useful as a networking opportunity and to get some views from the other side ” 

Thurrock Council