Sang Soo Lee | Managing Director

Sang Soo Lee, Managing Director, AERQ

In 2019 Sang Soo Lee was appointed Managing Director of AERQ in Hamburg, a joint venture between LG Electronics and Lufthansa Technik. 

Sang Soo Lee started his career from 1996 as a radio frequency design engineer and took responsibility in various positions as semiconductor sales engineer, flat panel display product planner, and consumer electronics R&D planner. In 2015 he was asked to work as a Director of Project Management in the Innovation Business Center at LG Electronics. He was responsible among other things for building new business and product opportunities to help the transformation of profitable growth in LG Electronics. In 2019 Sang Soo Lee relocated to Hamburg, Germany to become one of the managing directors of AERQ. 

Sang Soo Lee is an innovative, entrepreneurial and inquisitive business leader. 

Sang Soo Lee was born on 18 September 1971. After achieving his Bachelor of Science in Electronic Materials Engineering in Korea, he studied at the University of Pittsburg, USA to achieve an MBA and a Master of Science in Industrial Engineering. 

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