Ralph Frehner | VP Design Development
Marriott International

Ralph Frehner, VP Design Development, Marriott International

Based in Hong Kong, Ralph Frehner is Vice President, Design Development Operations at Marriott International Inc., Asia Pacific. He has been with the company for 10 years. In this capacity, he takes care of brand products and brand strategy for Marriott in APAC and is also passionate about creating unforgettable food and beverage experiences throughout the region. As the VP of Design Development, he works with hotel owners to create unique restaurant concepts for operation in new hotels. With a team of insights specialists in local markets, he builds restaurants that cater to local consumers as opposed to international travelers. By creating free-standing, unique restaurants based on their geographic location rather than the hotel brand they are associated with, he is constantly pushing the boundaries of hotel F&B. Mr. Frehner commenced his career as an Electrician and then changed after 2 years to a Kitchen Apprentice in 1980 and has since held various chef roles in the culinary industry. Mr. Frehner also worked for the Hyatt Group for 17 years both as an Executive Chef as well as the Director of Culinary Operations. During his time there, his venues received various awards and recognitions, including the Japan Times Best Restaurant in Japan for the New York Grill at the Park Hyatt Tokyo and Best Hotel Japanese Restaurant at Kozue, Zagat’s Tokyo. As a multi award-winning chef, Mr. Frehner has both the hands-on and conceptual experience to create unique bar and restaurant concepts for Marriott International F&B.

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