Jeff Lennon | VP Head of Strategic Sales & Global Partnerships

Jeff Lennon, VP Head of Strategic Sales & Global Partnerships, Vision-Box

Jean-François Lennon is VP Head of Strategic Sales & Global Partnerships at Vision-Box, a leading provider of Seamless Travel and Digital Identity Solutions. Jeff is a Senior executive with over 20 years of experience in the security and building technologies industries. Jeff?s career broadened his market insights and expanded his international experience by developing and opening markets throughout the world.    Since joining Vision-Box in 2012, Jeff embarked on wide-ranging projects spearheading the exponential growth of Vision-Box. He currently administers strategic and sales activity on a global basis and is in charge of the long-term growth plan of the company. Jeff has a growing reputation as an industry expert, combining his proficiency in transversal entrepreneurship and strategic thinking with a profound understanding of transformational trends.     Half French, half British, born in Germany and married to a Portuguese woman, Jeff has two children and lives in Lisbon, Portugal? in-between flights around the world!

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