Harpreet A De Singh | CEO
Alliance Air Aviation Limited

Harpreet A De Singh, CEO, Alliance Air Aviation Limited

MRS. HARPREET A DE. SINGH CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER  ALLIANCE AIR  With more than 30 years of experience in aviation, with national and international exposure, Mrs. Harpreet A De. Singh in the first lady CEO of an airline and was working as the Executive Director and Chief of Flight Safety.  Besides, she was Head of Corporate Safety, Quality and Environment Management System in Air India Limited. She was heading the Environment Management and Green Initiatives, besides the Fuel Management and Operational Efficiency Programme with the global focus on fuel efficiency.  She is first Head in India in Aviation in various areas such as QMS, SMS, EMS, Emergency Response, Lead Auditor, LOSA Auditor, Charter of Professional Auditors and Risk Management. Certified Lead Auditor & Evaluator and have global accreditation.  During pandemic, she has ensured standard under the SOPs and ensured safe travel for all the passengers and corporate social responsibility through a true Alliance Air of hearts and divine energy with team work and faith in GOD.  She has many firsts to her credit. Besides being selected as the first women in  Air India. She is the First in Woman category for the following :-   ?    First Lady Pilot selected for Air India in 1986. ?    First Lady Chief of Flight Safety in India, approved by DGCA.   ?    First Lady CEO of a Passenger Airline i.e. Alliance Air ?    She is also President of Indian Women Pilots  Association, Past Governor 99?s world  Organization, Council member of Aeronautical Society of India, Chairman- Mumbai Branch and presented many papers in different forum?s. She is the first in Open  category for the following in India :- ?    First Woman pilot of Air India, and only lady Chief of Flight Safety in India, approved by DGCA and the first lady Ground Instructor for pilots, and first lady Safety Investigator ?    First Indian Human Factors and CRM Facilitator, First Head in Indian Aviation in various areas such as QMS, SMS, EMS, Emergency Response, Lead Auditor, LOSA Auditor and Risk Management in the open category of Men and Woman. ?    Handled the Emergency Response after the Mangalore accident of 22nd May, 2010 and Air India got an appreciation letter from Court of Inquiry due to effective handling as Emergency Response Director. She also handled the Accident of 7th August, 2020 in Calicut.  ?    First Head in India in Aviation in various areas such as Quality Management Systems , Safety Management Systems , Environment Management Systems. ?    First Head in Aviation in Emergency Response, Lead Auditor and Risk Management, in India.   ?    First trained LOSA Auditor, in India. Represented India in the ICAO Conference as per directions of the then Secretary, MOCA Dr. Nasim Zaidi on Environment and CO2 reduction in Aviation. Have been instrumental in winning various awards e.g. National Energy Conservation Awards ? 2009, 2011, Earth Care Award -2011 and many more such awards. Was instrumental in clearing the IATA Operational Safety Audit(IOSA) and IATA Safety Audit for Ground Operations(ISAGO) for Air India which made the Airline first in India. Instrumental in ensuring that Air India met the requirements of Safety Assessment for Foreign Aircraft (SAFA), thereby ensuring that Air India was not banned from operating to Europe and other countries that follow SAFA. Approved as Chief of Flight Safety in 2015. Instrumental in ensuring that Air India could join Star Alliance in 2014 by ensuring the highest safety standards, as well as upgrading the product to meet the Star requirements. Received appreciation letters for the same. She has presented many papers National and International conference in both Aviation related as well as those pertaining to Women Empowerment, CSR and spirituality.   Key Awards: ?     The prestigious Bharat Nirman Talented Ladies Award in 1999 ?     Outstanding Young Person by ?International Jaycees? ?     Limca Book of Records in 2003 as a first woman Instructor for Pilots of Air India ?     Special Award - '2005' by AIR-INDIA for outstanding contribution to Aviation ?     ?Swarna Jayanti Award? for 2006 by Aeronautical Society of India in 2007 ?     Awarded by International Forest of Friendship, Atchison, Kansas, USA, for exceptional contributions to aviation and name has been engraved in stone in the forest in 2007 ?     ?Civil Aviation ? Women Achiever Award? for significant contribution to Indian Civil Aviation awarded by Ministry of Civil Aviation in 8th March, 2011 ?     World Quality Congress ? Global award for ?OUTSTANDING CONTRIBUTION TO QUALITY & LEADERSHIP AWARD? in 2012. ?     IWPA AWARD ? 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017 & 2018 as an Outstanding Women Professional ?     World Quality Congress Global Award for 50 Most Talented QUALITY PROFESSIONALS in India ? 2014 ?     National Quality Excellence Award for Safety and Environmental Sustainability on 14th February, 2015 and 2017 by World Quality Congress ?     ?Environmentalist of the year? in 2015 & 2017 by World Quality Congress ?     World Women?s Leadership Award in Feb 2016 by World Quality Congress Global Award ?     World Quality Congress Global Award for 50 Most Impactful Customer Service PROFESSIONALS in India ? 2017 ?     Women Super Achievers? Award presented by Femina in the 5th World Women Leadership Congress Awards in February 2018 ?     50 Most Innovative Leaders Award presented by World Innovation Congress in February 2018 ?      Women Achiever Award during Aero India 2019 from Ministry of Defence ?     Bharat Ratna Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam Excellence Award for outstanding individual achievements and distinguished services to the nation by the India International Friendship Society on 29JAN2020 ?     'Women Leadership Award' from the  STAT Trade Times on 6th February, 2020. ?          The Best Citizens of India Award ? 2020. ?    Best performance award presented by Op PRABAL -3) ?Preparation of Agile and Brave Aviation Leaders?) for MoCA and associated organizations at CISF MPRTC Behror, Rajasthan. ?        Hon Doctorate degree and Award Certificates ?Business Women of Nation Award? on 31st January, 2021  from Global Achiever Council, USA.

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