David Morgan | Director of Flight Operations

David Morgan, Director of Flight Operations, easyJet

David is Director of Flight Operations and Chief Pilot for easyJet, where he and his team are responsible for the safe, efficient and sustainable operation of the airline?s flights across Europe, North Africa and the Middle East in an increasingly complex and challenging environment. Captain Morgan is also leading easyJet?s work on innovation to support the development of new technologies to decarbonise aviation. This includes partnerships with aerospace companies such as Airbus on a joint research project on hybrid and electric aircraft as well as with US start-up Wright Electric which is working on an all-electric passenger jet. David is currently part of a series of industry initiatives: ? Member of the Technology Advisory Group, Aerospace Technology Institute: promotes transformative technology in air transport, creates the technology strategy for the UK aerospace sector and funds research and development. ? Member of the Advisory Group, UK Future Flight Challenge: aims to revolutionise the way people, goods and services fly; it will support the development of new technologies from freight-carrying drones to urban air vehicles to hybrid-electric regional aircraft; as well as develop the supporting ground infrastructure, regulation and control systems, required to use these new aircraft practically and safely. ? Steering Committee Member, Airspace Change Organising Group: to coordinate the redesign of airspace in the UK, which is expected to reduce the carbon emissions of aviation in the UK

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