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London, 17 - 18 March 2021


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Mar 1709:00
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Gigabit UK: Progress report on the rollout of ‘gigabit capable’ broadband networks

A panel discussion exploring the UK’s progress in deploying gigabit capable networks in line with the Government’s 2025 ambition.
Jeanie York, CTIO, Virgin Media
Daniel Butler, Director Of Policy & Regulation, Hyperoptic
Vito Morawetz, Vice President, Cartesian
Richard Thorpe, Chief Delivery Officer, CityFibre
Catherine Colloms, MD Corporate Affairs, Openreach
Mar 1710:05
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How Sitetracker and Openreach work together to deploy fibre faster and more efficiently

With demand for connectivity higher than ever before, the old way of managing fibre deployments isn’t sufficient to meet the increased workload and challenges you're forecasting. Learn how Openreach is partnering with Sitetracker to scale their business by:
  • Increasing visibility
  • Gaining granular project control
  • Using data to take action
David George, SVP International, Sitetracker
Jack Whiteside, Product Owner, FTTP data & reporting, CTIO, Openreach
Michelle Wallo, Fibre Delivery & Programme Management, Openreach
Mar 1710:30
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Barriers busted: How can rollouts be accelerated?

A panel discussion exploring key challenges broadband builders are facing with accelerating their rollouts and how they are working with key stakeholders to overcome them.
Jake Mitchell, Head of Customer Engineering, Community Fibre
Bill Keddie, Head of Standards, Truespeed
Malcolm Corbett, Chief Executive Officer, I.N.C.A.
Michael Salter-Church, Director, External Affairs & Policy, Openreach
Mar 1711:35
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Project Execution: How can fibre builders ensure they deliver projects effectively and efficiently?

Ensuring efficiencies in project delivery is essential to ensure deployments happen smoothly and on-time. This panel will explore project execution strategies fibre builders are adopting to ensure this happens.
Paul Thompson, Director of Delivery, County Broadband
James Saunby, Consulting Director, Grey Sky Consulting
Mike Quinn, Head of Fibre Delivery, Voneus
Meri Braziel, Chief Commercial Officer, Glide
Mar 1712:40
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Local authority superstars: Exploring best practice for supporting broadband rollouts

A chance to hear from some of the local authorities that are championing broadband in their areas and the frameworks they have put in place to speed up rollouts.
Noelle Godfrey, Programme Director, Connecting Cambridgeshire & Smart Cambridge
Chris Founds, Managing Director, CJ Founds Associates
Paul Swaddle, Cabinet Member for Finance and Smart City, Westminster City Council
Sally Herbert, Digitial Infrastructure Lead, Newcastle City Council
Mar 1713:45
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How can the UK optimise rollout in Area 3?

This panel will explore how Government policy around broadband rollout in Area 3 will support faster rollout and whether it could be improved.
Kim Mears, Managing Director, Strategic Infrastructure Development, Openreach
Raj Kalia, Chief Executive Officer, BDUK (Building Digital UK)
Ian Corden, Director, Plum Consulting
Alex Blowers, Director of Regulatory Affairs, CityFibre
Xavier Smet, Head of Client Experience, Comsof
Mar 1714:50
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How can wireless broadband technologies support the drive for a gigabit capable UK?

Delivering gigabit-capable networks is not just about fibre rollout. For the hardest to reach communities it is important to find the right technology mix that ensures they receive adequate speeds. This panel will explore the role of wireless in delivering this.
David Burns, Founder And Chair, UKWISPA
Iqbal Bedi, Director, Intelligens Consulting
Martin Harriman, Executive Chairman, CCS
Mar 1715:55
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The role of technology in optimising rollouts

This panel will explore innovative hardware & software that is helping to speed up rollouts and deliver efficiency.
Peter Curnow-Ford, Managing Partner, Viatec Associates
Larry DaLuz, SVP, Infrastructure Services Group, AFL Network Services
John Franklin, Chief Technology & Information Officer, CityFibre
Tom Ronan, Regional Product Line Director, Viavi Solutions

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Mar 1810:00
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How are emerging technologies shaping fibre deployment strategies?

Roland Montagne, Principal Analyst, Broadband & FTTx, IDATE DigiWorld
Aloïs Brunel, Co Founder and Chief Product Officer, Deepomatic
David Tomalin, Group CTO, CityFibre
Oliver Helm, CEO, Full Fibre Limited
Colin Lees, Chief Technology And Information Officer, Openreach
Mar 1811:05
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Talking FTTP rollout with KCOM

In this video, ADVA talks to KCOM about its full fiber rollout and digs deep into the challenges it’s overcome and what we can expect to see in the future.
Tim Shaw, CTO, KCOM
John Bretherick, Sales Director UK, ADVA
Mar 1811:15
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Operationalising a vision for the monetisation of data

Telecommunications companies have an abundance of subscriber activity data at their fingertips, which can be highly valuable to third-party organisations when it comes to location-based decision making. But how can telcos properly enrich this data with the context needed in order to successfully turn that data into a revenue stream for their business? Join this session to hear Precisely’s Customer Information Director, Dominic Tomey, discuss the following:
  • Why location intelligence, particularly mobile trace data, can be so valuable for clients when making decisions based on location – particularly for retail, banking and other financial institutions
  • How Precisely worked with a large provider of wireless telecommunications to successfully monetise their consumer data How to correctly apply contextual enrichment in order to derive the most value from subscriber activity data – including the use of demographics and point of interest data
  • How to drive results through self-service environments in order to visualise the outputs for further analysis, as well as for Machine Learning and AI applications
Mar 1811:30
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How can property developers and operators collaborate more effectively?

We have seen good progress in the relationships between broadband builders and property developers in recent years that have helped deliver better broadband however there is still issues to overcome. This panel will explore best practice in the space.
Matthew Kirkman, Director, Infrastructure Solutions, Openreach
Askar Sheibani, Chair, UK Fibre Connectivity Forum
Adrian Wooster, Consultant, DKT A/S
Rich Robinson, Grain Connect
Mar 1812:35
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How can more effective supply chains better support rollouts?

Exploring how optimised supply chains can deliver efficiencies and speed up rollouts, and examples of best practice.
Mike Brooman, Head of Procurement and Logistics, Community Fibre
Roland da Silva, Strategy Advisor, independent
Tony Mitchell, Director Network Operations, Hyperoptic
Kevin Murphy, Managing Director Fibre And Network Delivery, Openreach
Mar 1813:40
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How can broadband builders use data to optimise rollouts?

There are many existing data points that can help broadband builders deliver efficiencies in their rollouts. This panel will explore how best to use these.
Terri-Ann Grant, Director of Network Design & Operations, Jurassic Fibre
Graeme Millar, Chief Executive Officer, J.T. Group Ltd
Boris Dragovic, Chief Strategy And Transformation Officer, Hyperoptic
Oliver Johnson, Chief Executive Officer, Point Topic
Mar 1814:45
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Minimising the carbon footprint of your network build and management

Sarah Parsons, Director of Compliance, CityFibre
Lorne Mitchell, MD, Objective Designers
Xavier Renard, Telecom Business Unit Marketing Director, ACOME
Mar 1815:50
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How is the investment environment for UK digital infrastructure evolving?

Simon Holden, Group Chief Operating Officer, CityFibre
James Harraway, Managing Director, Infracapital
Michael Dargue, Vice President, Cartesian
Oliver Bradley, Managing Director, Digital Infrastructure, Macquarie
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