Dean Checkley | Chief Delivery Officer
Flomatik Network Services Ltd

Dean Checkley, Chief Delivery Officer, Flomatik Network Services Ltd

Dean joined Flomatik Network Services as their new Chief Delivery Officer in January 2021; accountable for the delivery of transmission network and FTTx design solutions into a variety of prominent customers. Prior to Flomatik Dean was the Interim Managing Director for Rural Optic (build arm for Airband Community Internet), delivering valuable broadband services to the secluded rural communities.

Dean has spent over 35 years in the telecommunications sector, both in the Public and Private sector. Commencing as a Transmission and Switch Engineer he transitioned into management and began to focus on his passion of service and customer experiences. With stints in Energis; National Grid Wireless; Airwave and Virgin WiFi Dean has held numerous senior leadership positions all focusing on delivering continuous improvement in service and operational excellence.  His focus and drive on customer centricity and quality are key core values which when joining Flomatik aligned to their Business values.



Project Rollout Day 1 @ 11:35

Project Execution: How can fibre builders ensure they deliver projects effectively and efficiently?

Ensuring efficiencies in project delivery is essential to ensure deployments happen smoothly and on-time. This panel will explore project execution strategies fibre builders are adopting to ensure this happens.
last published: 16/Mar/21 13:35 GMT

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