Dominic Tomey | Senior Account Director

Dominic Tomey, Senior Account Director, Precisely

Having a key focus within the Telecommunications sector, Dominic works with organisations to build value based propositions that support key objectives and activities around network, service, asset, product and customer data. With 15 years of experience working with some of the world’s leading software vendors as a specialist in data quality, master data management, location analytics, and data, Dominic helps organisations gain the complex valuable insights they need to drive effective business cases for change.


Project Rollout Day 2 @ 11:15

Operationalising a vision for the monetisation of data

Telecommunications companies have an abundance of subscriber activity data at their fingertips, which can be highly valuable to third-party organisations when it comes to location-based decision making. But how can telcos properly enrich this data with the context needed in order to successfully turn that data into a revenue stream for their business? Join this session to hear Precisely’s Customer Information Director, Dominic Tomey, discuss the following:
  • Why location intelligence, particularly mobile trace data, can be so valuable for clients when making decisions based on location – particularly for retail, banking and other financial institutions
  • How Precisely worked with a large provider of wireless telecommunications to successfully monetise their consumer data How to correctly apply contextual enrichment in order to derive the most value from subscriber activity data – including the use of demographics and point of interest data
  • How to drive results through self-service environments in order to visualise the outputs for further analysis, as well as for Machine Learning and AI applications

Project Rollout Day 2 @ 13:40

How can broadband builders use data to optimise rollouts?

There are many existing data points that can help broadband builders deliver efficiencies in their rollouts. This panel will explore how best to use these.
last published: 16/Mar/21 13:35 GMT

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