Lawrence Lamb | Executive Vice President And Chief Scientific Officer

Lawrence Lamb, Executive Vice President And Chief Scientific Officer, in8bio

Dr. Lamb is scientific co-founder, Executive Vice President, and Chief Scientific Officer of Incysus Therapeutics.  As a transplant immunologist with 27 years? experience in clinical-translational immunotherapy research, he is responsible for first describing the association between relapse-free survival and homeostatic ??T cell recovery in patients with high-risk leukemia following haploidentical bone marrow transplant. While at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, Dr. Lamb developed the scientific support for chemotherapy resistant ??T cell-based immunotherapy for high-grade brain tumors that that has become the foundation of our clinical programs.  Dr. Lamb currently leads clinical, translational, and manufacturing strategy and operations for Incysus Therapeutics.


Day 1: Wednesday 19th May 2021 - Cell Therapy @ 16:30

Workshop/panel: Stratification of patients for immunotherapy and CAR-T

·Developing harmonised immune platforms
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