Felix Montero Julian | Scientific Director
BioMerieux Inc

Felix Montero Julian, Scientific Director, BioMerieux Inc

Félix, is a Scientific Director of the Healthcare Business of bioMérieux. Félix has over 25 years of experience in industrial and clinical diagnostics and previously served as the Chemunex R&D Director in bioMérieux. Félix graduated from the Autonomous Metropolitan University in Mexico as Industrial Biochemistry Engineer and obtained a PhD in Immunology from the Aix Marseille II University  in France. Félix is a member of different scientific organizations (PDA, ISAC) and served as an expert in a panel for the development of compendial Rapid Sterility Tests for the USP. Félix has been and continues to be extensively involved in the implementation and acceptance of rapid and alternative microbiological methods. He is a prominent speaker at congresses and conferences and a regular contributor to bioMérieux scientific whitepapers. His extensive technical experience includes development of in vitro diagnostic and research-use reagents and applications, cell and tissue culture systems, microbiology, alternative and rapid microbiological methods, sterility testing, mycoplasma detection, compendia methods, methods for blood bank testing, cell and gene therapy process.


Day 1: Wednesday 19th May 2021 - Cell Therapy @ 14:30

When Rapid Results Matter: The value of QC testing in ATMP

·Improving the time to result of QC testing with rapid and automated solutions to reduce patient to patient time·Advance safety testing of ATMP from raw materials to product release·Bringing flow cytometry analysis to point-of-need
last published: 10/May/21 08:45 GMT

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