Christoph Herwig | Professor Of Biochemical Engineering
Vienna University of Technology

Christoph Herwig, Professor Of Biochemical Engineering, Vienna University of Technology

Christoph Herwig, bioprocess engineer from RWTH Aachen, worked in industry in the design and commissioning of large chemical facilities prior to enter his interdisciplinary PhD studies at EPFL, Switzerland in bioprocess identification. Subsequently he positioned himself at the interface between bioprocess development and facility design in biopharmaceutical industry. Since 2008, he is full professor for biochemical engineering at the Vienna University of Technology. The research area focuses on the development of data science methods for integrated and efficient bioprocess development along PAT and QbD principles for biopharmaceuticals. In 2013 he founded the company Exputec addressing data science solutions for the biopharma life cycle.


Day 1: Wednesday 19th May 2021 - Cell Therapy @ 13:30

Panel: Tackling novel challenges: focusing on elements which are different from other cell culture processes

  • Low volume processing
  • Uncertainty over raw and starting materials: How can we process properly if we don’t know the properties of the starting materials?
  • How do we cope with variability in design?

Day 2: Thursday 20th May 2021 - Gene Therapy @ 17:00

Technologizing ATMP Processes – Efficient methods to enhance NK functionality

·Are NK-Cells really so shear sensitive, that they can survive stirred/shaked conditions?·Can we treat NK to adapt to defined media to cut the dependency to the supply chain and to reduce costs?·Is a change in metabolism due to different growth conditions also effecting functionality?
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