Albert Ribickas | BMT Laboratory Manager
Moffitt Cancer Center

Albert Ribickas, BMT Laboratory Manager, Moffitt Cancer Center

Al Ribickas is the BMT/QC Laboratories Manager in the Cell Therapies Facility at the Moffitt Cancer in Tampa Florida.  Al has provided leadership for cellular therapy facilities for over eighteen years. He attended the University of South Florida receiving a degree in Clinical Laboratory Sciences. He is board certified by the American Society of Clinical Pathology as a Medical Technologist, a Specialist in Blood Banking, and as a Hemapheresis Practioner. He has been at the Moffitt Cancer Center since it?s opening in 1987. He initially worked as a blood bank technologist in the transfusion service until 2001. During his time in the transfusion service, he was trained in extracorporeal photopheresis for the treatment of Sezary syndrome, and for the treatment of graft versus host disease. This inspired him to explore, and move to the apheresis collection and processing laboratories of the blood and marrow transplant program to enhance his skills, and contribute to the emerging area of cell therapies. Al has worked on the production of various cellular therapies clinical trial products, and the implementation of commercial FDA approved products.


Day 3: Friday 21st May 2021 - Commercialisation, Pricing & Access @ 16:30

Workshop: New commercial products: moving from clinical to commercial

·Interacting with pharma companies (i.e. how to administer X)·Moving from bags to vialsoPreparing the dose on-site, how to calculate the correct dosage all the way to patient delivery·POC/commercialisation·Moving from proprietary -> streamlining·Allogeneic:oDosage/amountoDispensing as a pharmacyoVerification process
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