Marea O'Sullivan | Talent Development Manager
Novo Nordisk

Marea O'Sullivan, Talent Development Manager, Novo Nordisk

I am a Regional Talent Development Manager for Novo Nordisk, a pharma company with great values, 44,000 people world-wide and a CEO who was voted best in the world this year by HBR. 
I have just over 20 years’ experience working in global leadership, talent management, learning and organisational development. My experience spans a diverse range of geographies and industries; with a particular focus on pharma, construction and professional services. In my last two roles I have been a global or regional head - responsible for defining leadership, talent and development strategies, creating/improving infrastructure and processes, business partnering and leading global/regional interventions. Previously I worked as a principal or senior consultant for top ranking consultancies such as: CCL, Accenture and Linkage: responsible for consultative sales, executive coaching, analysis, design and/or facilitation of large scale (typically multi-million dollar), global interventions supporting major transformations. My long-term clients included: GSK, Astra Zeneca, RBS, Barclaycard, Unilever, Airbus, EADS, Volvo, DSM, IMI and Fortum.
I’ve learned a lot from leading best in class projects with teams of world renowned experts. As such I am good at customising strategies and solutions to fit the circumstances. Whilst this flexibility characterises my way of working, there are also 5 core principles which have been a red thread throughout my working life:
- Using research, evidence, analytics and a strong strategic focus to define (and measure) strategies which drive personal and organisational growth
- Integrating learning and work by taking advantage of the development opportunities offered by real work and real business challenges: "When working is learning, then learning is working"
- Involving others: e.g. bringing people together to form powerful collaborative working groups or ensuring leaders own and drive their own personal development 
- Leveraging and learning about new technology
- Applying new ways of working, organising, leading and learning that allow organisations to be more agile, innovative and engaging
I am certified in coaching, psychometric assessments and change management; with a Masters specialising in neuropsychology and human communication and the second Masters (on-going) in Organisational Behaviour. In my spare time I do yoga, run, hike and read about leadership development research, the future of work, the sharing economy and the Internet of Things. I was born in Britain, have lived in 9 different countries and am fluent in 4.5 languages. Determined to make this 5.


Work 2.0 Conference Day 1 @ 12:00

Healthy food makes for healthy minds

  •     Examining the effect of diet on cognitive performance and productivity 
  •     Exploring what companies can do to support and promote these strategies in the workplace 
  •     Strategies for offering healthy snacks and promoting ‘clean eating’ in the workplace

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