DAY TWO October 4th 2017

  Learning Demo Theatre 1 Learning Demo Theatre 2 Engagement Zone
  October 4th 2017 October 4th 2017 October 4th 2017
10:00 Engage ME Creative Word  
  Mastering the Art of Employer Branding Discover the behavioural style to improve relationships  
10.30 MRCC Solutions 24a Life  
  How to create an effective gamification strategy for your corporate learning program Your route to happiness through health  
11:00 Mecat Education and Training Powerbase Consulting Jersey Mindfulness Centre
  The role of education in generating new knowledge and apply it in socially beneficial way. How to use Emotional Intelligence to boost sales performance Mindful Playful Stop pulling ! ….and start scanning 😊 why and how mindfulness in 20 minutes!
This interactive taster session will show you very quickly how powerful mindfulness can be in detecting signals of stress in the body and starting to control thinking.
11.30 Capytech Open Thinking Goodybox
  Why you should be using blended learning to maximise your training budget Business 2.0: Experience the future of Work This active mind-fitness session is a great energy fix to boost concentration and alertness. You will learn how to keep your employees and meeting attendees awake and alert for extended period of time, and break the ice: before, during and after your meetings!
12:00 MTA Learning Open Thinking Touch Points
  How to unleash the power of experiential learning Whos wants to be a Chief Learning Officer (CLO)
Interactive Game
Human brains need to be activated to perform at an optimal level. Each 9 minute session will involve the audience into 3 Brain Fitness Neurobic exercises. Each exercise will activate whole brain through the generation Electro-Chemical functioning to enable it to perform at optimal level for performance improvement. Participants can use these simple exercises in their lives to eliminate stress and maximize brain performance for enhanced productivity & happiness.
ManpowerGroup Middle East
Jersey Mindfulness Centre  
  Powering the Future of Work Through Outsourcing How to successfully lead the implementation of mindfulness in the workplace  
13:00 Zoho RSVD Manipal Executive Education  
  Reinventing Collaboration Software for the Workplace in a Social World    
13:30 Ignite Training RSVD Trends Training  
  Gamify Learning @ Work