Amal Almutawa | Chief Happiness and Positivity Officer
Prime Minister's Office United Arab Emirates

Amal Almutawa, Chief Happiness and Positivity Officer, Prime Minister's Office United Arab Emirates

Amal AlMutawa
Chief Happiness & Positivity Officer 
Prime Minister’s Office – UAE
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
A catalyst, third culture kid and a social butterfly 

Amal is a Chief Happiness & Positivity Officer at the Prime Minister’s Office of the United Arab Emirates, working on exciting projects such as The World Government Summit, Happiness initiatives and The World Drone Prix. She is also an alumni Global Shaper from the Dubai Hub (World Economic Forum initiative). She is an active member of the community as she volunteers in several programs in her city.

Amal comes from a technology background where she first worked as a Network & Security Engineer, managing IT related Projects at eHosting DataFort (part of Dubai Holding) – being the only female engineer at the time. She then spent a year working with du, one of the telecom operators in UAE, as a Technology Security Expert. She subsequently moved into marketing communications where she headed the eCommunication Department in the Government Communication Office under the UAE Ministry of Cabinet Affairs. Continuing on in Government, she moved into Innovation and Special Projects.


Work 2.0 Conference Day 2 @ 09:30

Keynote panel: Corporate happiness: views and reviews from the experts

  • Exploring the benefits of workplace: happier workforces, productive teams and healthier business
  • Sustaining happiness and wellness through interactive programmes
  • Reviewing strategies and assessing the outcomes
  • Adopting agile processes towards happiness, wellness and culture
  • Uniting workplace communities through structured happiness programmes
  • Creating working environments where employees freely express themselves bringing high levels of creativity and energy
  • Aligning workforce happiness with the UAE's 'Year of Giving' and the global One Million Acts of Kindness missions

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