Valentine Gandhi | Senior ICT4D expert, Founder
The Development Café | Zambia

Valentine Gandhi, Senior ICT4D expert, Founder, The Development Café

Dr. Valentine (Val) Gandhi is a Senior Project Manager, Social Scientist, Development Economist, Policy Advisor, Environmental and Socio-economic Impact Evaluation, and Knowledge Management Expert with over 15 years of interdisciplinary quantitative and qualitative research, as well as project management, fundraising,  ICT for development,  implementation science and teaching/training and capacity building experience; at both field and policy level, working closely with national and international research institutions, academic institutes, UN agencies, NGOs, Social Enterprises, Donors and Governments  in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. 
He founded the social science think tank, The Development Cafe and co-founded Global Sociology Network . He is also the Editor-in-Chief of the open access journal The Development Review and creator of open access data portal and set up the online learning portal He was most recently Team Leader of the External Evaluation team for USAID Zambia’s Country Development Strategy for Zambia. He is currently involved in 2 projects across Kenya and Indonesia where he is using the Drones for Evaluation and precision farming, as well as building capacity of rural farmers to use information technology for better farming practices. He also provides managed training and transformative leadership skills through his Bodhi Soul program.


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