The Conference






This is a large conference agenda spanning seven vertical industries and seven emerging technologies, so whether you’re an industry technologist or an technology specialist, we’ve got something for you.


The agenda has been built to so that an attendee from a vertical industry can attend and   enjoy inspirational talks covering all the technologies that are disrupting their industry. Whilst a specialist in one particular technology can attend and hear use cases for that emerging technology.




Meet John, he’s a senior executive at a global logistics provider. He’s based in Singapore and wants to drive digital innovation in logistics in Asia. He’ll be attending TECH X and will be spending most of his time in LogisticsTECHX

Over two days he’ll be hearing how logistics providers are solving problems and innovating using emerging technologies:

  • How drones are solving last mile logistics
  • How blockchain is improving transparency and trust in the supply chain
  • How AI is creating self thinking supply chains 
  • How IoT applications are driving efficiencies 
  • How data and analytics are helping to reduce operating costs 
  • How robotics and autonomous vehicles are improving delivery capabilities



Now meet Jessie, she works for a big American technology company. She’s also based in Singapore and her role is to find new markets, both by geo and industry, where the company can deploy their latest IoT products. She’s also attending TECH X but she’ll be spending her time at IoTTECHX .

Over the two days she hears use cases from senior executives, who are currently deploying IoT projects in:

  • Factories
  • Construction projects
  • Mining and Oil & Gas 
  • Logistics 
  • Transportation 
  • Utilities
  • Smart Cities



Whilst listening to a bunch of really interesting presentations on IoT in Logistics, she meets John. They get chatting and swap business cards and arrange a formal meeting at John’s office the following week.








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