Hidetaka Abe | Senior Manager for IT Planning
Narita International Airport Corporation | Japan

Hidetaka Abe, Senior Manager for IT Planning, Narita International Airport Corporation

Hidetaka Abe joined NAA in 2000, assigned to the Ground Control Operations Department for the five years. Following that, he was assigned to the Procurement Department in 2008 where he was responsible for the formulation of procurement regulations and coordination of controls related to ordering of construction works. 
In 2008, he was seconded to All Nippon Airways, in charge of passenger handling and contracting for ground handling activities. 
He returned to NAA in 2010, using his experience to launch a passenger handling business in the Passenger Terminal Management Department. He moved to the Corporate Strategies Office in Tokyo to oversee planning of strategies on ground transportation, railways, network of buses and taxis. 
Since 2017, he has been in the IT planning department working on projects related to the development of “Smart Airport” using ICT solution. 


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