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Adrian Kemp, Partner, HoustonKemp

Adrian Kemp is an economist and founding partner of HoustonKemp, with a particular interest in the influence of technology on the economics of market design and the regulation of monopoly energy and transport infrastructure.

This interest stems from having spent much of his career at the forefront of the design and application of economic regulation to the energy, water, and transport industries. Over the last ten years, technological changes have disrupted those industries requiring a rethinking of the economics and risks of large-scale infrastructure.

Distributed ledger technology is set to be the next big disruption to energy and transport markets, creating both opportunities and challenges.

Adrian’s distributed ledger technology expertise is the result of having recently completed a feasibility study for the Australian government of a secure intelligence information sharing platform for governments and businesses. The platform uses distributed ledger technology in combination with decentralised file storage, to allow information assets to be shared, tracked and valued. Natural language algorithms combined with machine learning techniques facilitate collaboration between users without compromising security or need-to-know protocols.

This work has led Adrian to explore the implications of distributed ledger technology for energy and transport markets.

In addition to progressing his work on the application of distributed ledger technology to information asset sharing, he is currently working on several distributed ledger projects, focused on the energy and transport industries.


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