AeroLion Technologies


 AeroLion Technologies Pte. Ltd. is a spin-off company from the National University of Singapore. ALT’s technologies and people are originated from the Unmanned Systems Research Group from NUS, or known as NUSUAV ( Over the past ten years, Researchers from NUSUAV have done in-depth studies about UAV technologies such as modeling and control of unmanned helicopters, UAV vision-based landing and vertical replenishment between moving platforms, GPS-less indoor and forest navigation, miniaturization of UAVs, and multi-UAV formation control, etc. 

Since ALT’s incorporation in November 2014, the company has focused on the implementation of aforementioned technologies into commercially viable products, solutions and services. The company’s first product, the Blacklion-168 has top-notch industrial specifications such as one hour of flight endurance, 4 kg of payload capacity, adaptation to different types of environmental factors (temperature, pressure, wind speed etc.) and fully autonomous waypoint flight and image analytics capabilities such as 3D mapping and object detection. With these cutting-edge specifications and smart features, BlackLion-168 has been deployed for various applications such power line inspection in different provinces of China, plantation mapping and tree counting in Indonesia, and various types of aerial mapping and inspection works demanded by Singapore local customers. Its second product, the BlackLion-068 is a relatively smaller but even smarter UAV platform designed for autonomous missions in GPS-denied environments. It is suitable for surveillance and inspection works in special environments such as indoor, underground sewerage and under bridge where GPS signal is inaccessible and there are cluttered obstacles.
ALT has three main business models:
  1. Produce state-of-the-art small-scale UAVsthat can solve modern industrial problems.
  2. Provide professional flight and data collection services on geophysical exploration, aerial photography, miningsurveys, power & pipeline inspections, precision agriculture, forest management,bathymetric surveys, radiation detection and search & rescue related works.
  3. Provide professional services for handling, processing & interpreting information and data collection by UAVs.
In order to professionally carry out the above business activities, ALT has actively worked with Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) for UAV operator permit, AIG Singapore UAV liability insurance and bizSAFE issued by Ministry of Manpower (MOM). In addition, ALT BlackLion series UAS products are also iDA accredited, which highlights the company’s innovation and competitiveness in both technical and business aspects.