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Solar & Storage Live 2020, SSL, solar, storage
Future Power


This forum allows policy makers, grid and network operators, financiers and utilities to keep their finger on the pulse of the fast evolving, increasingly decentralised and decarbonised energy system by taking a look at the new business models, market mechanisms and policies that are driving these changes.

Solar & Storage Live 2020, SSL, solar, storage
of Energy


This forum looks at the technologies like IoT, AI, machine learning and blockchain that are unlocking opportunities for grid and network operators, who can avoid expensive network infrastructure updates through smarter management of a more decentralised system. Utilities and suppliers also stand to gain from the gradual rise of the connected home both unlocking DSR and attracting new players to the energy scene like telecoms and tech companies.

Solar & Storage Live 2020, SSL, solar, storage
Commercial & Industrial
Energy Users


This forum provides a space for C&I energy users to learn about issues which are critical to businesses looking to save costs and reduce their carbon footprint. It will cover topics like optimising assets, lifecycle strategy, procurement of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Solar & Storage Live 2020, SSL, solar, storage
Solar Tech & Installation


This forum focuses on the latest developments in solar and its associated technologies. In this theatre, we will discuss best practices for the installation and management of solar schemes, as well as the research and development being undertaken to improve the efficiency of solar. If your organization is in any way involved in installing or maintaining PV you should attend.

Solar & Storage Live 2020, SSL, solar, storage
Energy Storage


Storage is the key technology that unlocks the power of the renewable sector. This forum will cover the evolving storage technology landscape and the commercials driving its adoption. If you or your organization are manufacturing, installing or investing in storage technology, or you want to maximize the profitability of your existing assets, then you should attend.

Solar & Storage Live 2020, SSL, solar, storage
Funding & Finance


This forum examines the post-subsidy world for investment in renewable energy and will help you gain a better understanding of the new financing solutions available. If you’re responsible for financing your solar projects, you should attend.


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