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Solar & Storage Live 2019 will bring together the entire energy value chain, with experts, innovators and disruptors from the solar, EV and storage industries at a time when the global energy transition is already well underway.

Please see below for the key themes this year. To find out more, download our latest agenda.








This forum will look at the technology innovations, infrastructure challenges, industry insights and digital platforms that will enable the grid to become more flexible; as well as advising those who want to participate in flexibility markets how to achieve this.


This forum is aimed at policy makers, network operators, financiers, energy utilities and anyone else with a stake in the energy system of the future.


Storage is the technology that unlocks the power of the renewable sector. This forum will cover the evolving storage technology landscape and the commercials driving its adoption. If you or your organization are manufacturing, installing or investing in storage technology, or you want to maximize the profitability of your existing assets, then you should attend.


This forum focuses on the latest developments in solar and its associated technologies. In this theatre, we will discuss best practices for the installation and management of solar schemes, research and development being undertaken to improve the efficiency of solar. If your organization is in any way involved in installing or maintaining PV you should attend. If you sell to this community, you should consider sponsoring this part of the program.


This forum is for those designing the business models, policies and strategies to support the mass adoption of EVs. This part of the program is for fleet managers, local authorities, charging point installers and their partners.

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