Founded more than 20 years ago, Sunsynk Ltd has a long and proud history of developing reliable and innovative products. Sunsynk’s products are cutting-edge technologies that solve real-world energy problems for its end users. Sunsynk is the brand of choice for power storage and management across the globe. 

In 2022 Sunsynk became the No.1 provider of inverters and battery storage solutions in South Africa and are on the way to becoming the premier power management brand in the United Kingdom.  

Innovation is at the core of the company and that is embodied by Sunsynk’s founder and CEO Keith Gough. Keith is an inventor at heart, and has built Sunsynk with this ethos, creating products that bring significant and tangible benefit to people’s lives. Over the past 5 years Sunsynk has grown exponentially, selling into more than 20 nations, and has become one of the most respected brands in the power storage and management sector. Sunsynk has a rapidly growing client base due to the quality and competitive pricing of the products, as well as the excellent support given to customers and installers all over the globe. 

Sunsynk Mobile Ltd, a newly formed business operated by the Sunsynk team, is building on this legacy creating contained energy management & storage solutions. The technology being developed by Sunsynk Mobile Ltd is at the forefront of innovation, answering some of society’s greatest energy challenges.


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