Networking is our Sweet Spot

NETWORKING is at the intersection of all that we do: the Showcase, the Learning, the Fun.


By App

Our customised SwapCard App ensures that you can easily engage with your community, before, during and after the event. And we have a dedicated meeting area, so it is all too easy.


By Facilitated Meetings

Our Networking Managers work hard to ensure key buyers are presented to key sellers. This is a key feature of our Sponsorship packages.


By Roundtable

Our Roundtables are deep dives into the most important topics. Here you will have your questions answered and peer network with the most valuable contacts.


By Hangin’ Out

We do serendipity too and all our socials are designed to maximise networking opportunities. 


Register for RUW Happy Hour here .


We work to ensure you:

  • Exchange ideas
  • Build brand
  • Form friendships and partnerships
  • Grow your professional network
  • Explore the future
  • Uncover new opportunities
  • Before, during and after the event…






Carly Binday
T+ 1 (914) 924-1247

Max Calica
T+ 1 (516) 726-4947


Clare Corden
T +1 (201) 912 7744



Emelie Flaig
T +1 (516) 508 8196