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Welcome to The Solar Show Vietnam


With 100GW of additional capacity forecast by 2030 , and a ten-fold increase in renewable energy generation, Vietnam is serious about the future of its energy sector. And solar is poised to be a key part of it.


The official approval of the solar feed-in tariff in April 2017 with a 20-year PPA and a net metering support scheme for rooftop projects shows a government committed to fostering the development of the solar industry. Until June 2019, solar PV investors will be granted land use fees and duty & tax exemptions and can mobilise both domestic and foreign capital.


Vietnam is ready to scale up its solar energy industry.
Are you ready to be a part of it?


We are. Building on our track record of bringing together the Philippines’ largest energy event - The Solar Show Philippines and Power & Electricity World Philippines, which attracted over 7,000 attendees and almost 250 exhibitors in May 2018, we bring you Vietnam’s most exciting energy show.


Held in Vietnam’s commercial capital, Ho Chi Minh City, The Solar Show Vietnam 2019, The Wind Show Vietnam 2019 and Power & Electricity World Vietnam 2019 will bring you 100+ exhibitors showcasing world-class solar solutions and technologies and 3,000+ attendees.


If you’re serious about being part of Vietnam’s US$150 billion energy opportunity, you need to join us.




To discuss your involvement contact:
Andre Laury on +65 6322 2760 or andre.laury@terrapinn.com