Agenda Day 2


Day Two - Power VN


Opening Keynote


Organiser’s Opening Remarks


Chairman’s Opening Remarks


Guest of Honour Welcome Address


Opening Plenary: Infrastructure Investments & Development

Panel discussion

Panel Discussion: Developing bankable renewable energy projects & streamlining project finance

  • Addressing issues in bankability
  • Are there financial instruments and structures preferred by developers and lenders
  • Can financing models be standardised or replicated to simply processes and decrease turnaround times?
Adam Worthington, Managing Director of Private Capital Markets, Macquarie Group Ltd
Panel discussion

Panel Discussion: Derisking renewable energy project financing

  • Addressing political, construction & currency risks
  • Risk, cash flow and value across the project development cycle
  • Structuring financing agreements to reduce risks
  • Streamlining due diligence and certification processes
  • Critical factors to avoid potential issues, failures and losses in project financing & development
  • Creating stable cash flows and financial ratios
Panel discussion

Panel Discussion: Innovating renewable energy financing

  • Innovative financing structures and funding solutions to support the massive renewable energy development in Vietnam
  • Using green bonds and credit enhancement to support infrastructure investment and as an alternative to bank financing
  • Will solar securitisation or solar leasing work in an emerging market like Vietnam?

Morning Refreshments

Transmission & Distribution

Project Development


Panel Discussion: Opportunities for power producers, manufacturers, investors & stakeholders

  • Business market opportunities in a fragmented market
  • New and innovative business models for solar
  • Investment climate in this region
  • Experiences from project developers in rolling out solar projects in other countries
  • How can industry stakeholders tap onto this burgeoning opportunity
  • Concerns for those with a wait and see approach
Power & Electricity

Smart grid deployment – Lessons learnt from initial implementation

  • Moving from smart grid planning to rollout
  • Deploying modern technologies to improve distribution grid quality, increase efficiency and reduce power losses
  • Upgrading network infrastructure to unlock higher levels of renewable penetration onto the grid
  • Refining the existing smart grid roadmap from lessons learnt from initial implementation

Networking Luncheon

Energy Efficiency

Solar Project Financing

Power & Electricity

A responsible future: Powering your business with 100% renewable energy

  • The race towards carbon free operations
  • Investments in renewable energy and the business case for sustainability
  • Strategic partnerships with the energy sector to adopt innovative energy efficiency solutions and renewable energy technologies
Power & Electricity

Power from moving water: Hydrokinetic energy and how to harness its potential

Hydrokinetic energy is a new alternative energy supply to encourage renewable growth. This presentation will provide big ideas and insights on the current development of innovative technology to harness hydrokinetic resources.
Power & Electricity

The business case for industrial energy efficiency in manufacturing

  • Lowering energy consumption in an industry with heavy energy usage traditionally
  • Reducing operating costs and mitigating risks in increasing energy costs and grid reliability
  • Support from international agencies
  • Case study of energy usage reduction in manufacturing plants

Debt-financing of solar PV projects through local banks

  • Solar financing conditions
  • Loan policies and processes
  • Case studies of successful wind project financing

Afternoon Refreshments

Energy Storage

Rooftop Solar

Power & Electricity

Taking renewable energy to the next level with energy storage

  • Critical role of energy storage 
  • Status of energy storage in today Vietnam’s market
  • Prospects for government’s support for energy storage development and deployment
  • Case studies

Net metering policy to promote the upscaling of solar rooftop in Vietnam

  • Reducing peak load power demand through solar rooftop installations
  • Simply energy exchange transactions and facilitate the opening of renewable energy sector to SMEs who have an ability to penetrate a large proportion of the country’s population, thereby expanding the solar rooftop market size
  • Net metering mechanisms & metering instalments
Power & Electricity

Panel Discussion: What are the right investment signals and market reforms to push Vietnam’s energy storage capacity?

Energy storage technologies – which include batteries, thermal storage, pumped hydro, and more – can help integrate wind and solar on to the grid by storing energy when power demand is low, and discharging power when demand is high. Energy storage adds flexibility to the grid, allowing renewables to generate power when they would otherwise be curtailed. 

With this value, Vietnam should plan a rapid expansion of the country’s energy storage capacity. The key question is, what are the investment incentives and market reforms that will help to attract industry players?

Panel Discussion: Commercial and industrial solar: Forecasting the business opportunity in Vietnam

  • Are current FITs and incentives attractive enough?
  • Can this sector be competitive without subsidies?
  • Winning the hearts of C&I facility owners to install solar panels on their roofs
  • Streamlining net metering and grid interconnection
  • The power of aggregation of demand

Close of Conference

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